Wednesday, October 7, 2009

HI HO HI HO it is off to work I go...

Well, I have finally finished sorting, taking pictures & now I am listing 67 items on eBay.
So, you will not hear from me until next week- I do have a FUNNY picture lined up for Friday!
Saturday is C's big party- so If I am not eBaying- I am CLEANING!!!
Oh yeah and those kids I have to fit them in there somewhere, the hubby too!!
WHY the rush on eBay.....the have a 0 listing expires on Sunday the 11th!!!
I just wish I was really Snow White and had 7 little helpers!!
I already have the handsome prince! ;)
See you in the funny papers....(that is what my father-in-law says all the time)
Oh yeah Happy Birthday to My sister...LaLa!!! Love you!!


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