Friday, October 2, 2009

Funny Friday...sorta

OK what a week- I am still sorting....Lordy I have so much scrapbook stuff!! Usually it puts me in the mood to crop when I start looking at the cute stickers, paper, die cuts...etc......not this week- I am ready to be done with this stuff!!

But as most of you know- when I do my busy work is during nap time. I have a building in my backyard- use to be my beauty shop when I did hair. That is the same building that my office is in. So when the kids lay down for a 2 hour nap each afternoon- I fly out of the house....locking the door behind me of course.....I am like a 747 leaving for take off. Getting all I can accomplish done in 2 hours!

I have a baby monitor on in the office- so the least bit of moving around I find a stopping point and putter back home.......but...but... I did not finish......I have to tell myself- there is always tomorrow. I am one of these people who- when I start something- I want it done YESTERDAY!!

So, this is so hard for me to stop in the middle of a mess!! I usually will lay in T's bed stroking his soft little sweaty blonde locks of hair as he is waking up...only to pick him up and carry his nearly 50 pound body to the recliner to rock and watch a few cartoons together. Then C will give a little whimper- usually when he hears the TV come on. I then go retrieve him from him beaver den.

Although we had a visitor this week- right in the middle of the whole laying down with T. He had only been asleep 45 mins- so I was trying to get him back down.

Then as his blue eyes were rolling back into his head. There was a knock at the door- wait......A HUGE BANG....BANG....BANG!!!! I mean like beating the door down to tell us there is smoke coming out of the house BEATING!!!

As I leap out of his bed- he then is FULLY awake now! I run to the back door- only to find some weirdo standing in my carport!!

As I opened the door- keep in mind we have a door with the blinds in the middle of the glass.....therefore when the blinds are shut.....assume SOMEONE IS SLEEPING!!!

The salesman who was about to jump all over the place obviously had ADHD or something started to YELL....."HI I AM IN THE AREA TODAY SELLING".....and just before he could finish........

I riped off the nice little sweet mother mask and threw on the MAMA BEAR MASK.......I told him in a VERY FIRM WHISPER....." hey I don't care what you are selling, I have two kids who are sleeping- probably not now because you have almost knocked my door down from knocking so loudly......I am NOT INTERESTED in ANYTHING FROM YOU- I suggest you get back in your truck and leave sir!!!"

I so felt like Kate Gosslin at the time when I was saying it.....Gotta love the MAMA BEAR in all of us moms!! Nothing like waking up your kids when you are TRYING to get a chore done!!

At our house during nap time....if you don't tip toe through the house....some one WILL HEAR YOU!!!

Back to the dude selling MEAT from a FREEZER in the BACK OF HIS TRUCK.....for all I know it was some kinda ROAD KILL!!! Let's have mystery meat for supper honey....NO THANK YOU!!

Anyway, as he slowly picked up half of his hiney I had chewed up and spit out on the carport- he then tiptoed away saying in a very quiet whisper "oh I am sorry...God Bless You....hope your day is better!"

I then shut the door feeling about as big as an ant....he probably the one who sent the Jehovah Witness the next day!!

Walking into the next room only to find one little groggy 4 year old and a screaming almost two year old in the next moment!!

Gotta Love Nap Time While it LASTS!! You might not think that was all that funny- but I am hear to tell you- WHEN THE BLINDS ARE CLOSED....DON'T COME A KNOCKN'!!

What is a blog with out a picture of the boys...all week....I found this one.....coming home from Oklahoma last week- George too!!


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