Sunday, October 11, 2009

C's Curious George Party

Curious George is C's FAVORITE character right now- so I thought no better theme for a party!! Only thing is.....George is VERY hard to stores!!!

I could not find hardly anything- George anywhere!! I did find a few cute invites on eBay and paid a lot jut for George. Then found 3 Balloons at a party supply on clearance. The bakery did ave a kit- and that was that!!
Funny how George has been around forever- and yet they have nothing. In fact Uncle Charlie said when he was a kid he would watch him. C's love of George started from the show on PBS every morning when he wakes up. Then the AR Santa left both the boys a George for Christmas last year.

C does remind us a bit of a monkey just the way he runs and swings his arms-
and he definitely is CURIOUS!!!
So if the shoe fits- WEAR IT!!!

We had a small party and I was really glad- the temp was finally forecast 70's and NO RAIN!!! Well, weather men got this one WRONG!!! It was a misty rain most of the party and 60's or less. Too cold to play outside with out a jacket. So it was good there were not that many stacked on top of each other inside the house.
I did something different- since I wanted to keep with the George theme. I was reading a book about George to C last week- it had all of these different animals in the book. And talked about not feeding the animals at the ZOO.
I had bought some paper bag puppets and put up for the boys- so I thought we could make a different puppet and then act out the George story!! It went great!! There were Elephants, bears, tigers, and a blue bird. Then I had the birthday boy make a monkey one!! Here we are making our puppets and reading the story.

Big C made a GREAT Elephant, Lil' A had a tiger with many parts, and Big A was the blue bird.

He got really teased when we all looked at him and sang to him- I thought it was sweet compared to his usual "NO NO NO- NO INGing" All week long at any meal- T wants to sing happy birthday to him. I thinks OCTOBER is C's birthday. Everyday he says is it still October?
He had the whole opening presents down this year- I just had to keep his older brother out of them before he unwrapped them first!! I have already about lost it over the whole- SHARING- with each other. He takes the poor kids brand new toys right out of his hand..... I have a feeling the boat paddle will get a lot of use this week!!

He also got plenty of money for his saving account, a dinosaur, Handy Manny motorcycle, puzzles, little people & their boat of shapes, and a gift card for Wal-mart! He is ready to go- and mama is ready to organize all the new spaces for new toys!!

We gave him a Little Red Cozy Coupe car.....I have always wanted one of my kids to have of those toys. What is any American household with out one of those cute red & yellow flinstone pedaling cars!! IT WAS A TOTAL HIT!!! Here is his reaction when he saw the car- ALL the kids were glad to see it!!

In fact he was so excited to get in.....he did a "dukes of hazard entrance" climbed right through the window!! Then there was a bit of a incident with others passengers trying to enter from the other side- It was CRAZY FUNNY!!!

I am LOVING my new camera- the only thing I don't like about it. The pictures are SO BIG (gb wise- i guess i don't know computer lingo?) It takes FOREVER to LOAD pictures on my blog- and any other website!!!

I have to do one picture at a time now.......SLOW.....therefore I am still working on my ZOO post I just load a few pics a day on it- And I have ALREADY taken 2000- pictures with it~~ I think I have a problem.

I will try with all the time on my hands to get a few more post up this week that I am behind on!!!


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kwallocha said...

Glad C had a great birthday party. Now the terrible two begin. :)