Friday, October 16, 2009


Have you been wondering what happened?? I have been fasting this week- and I choose to fast and pray at my blog time. So, I have a lot of catching up to do.....

It has finally stopped raining the last 6 weeks we have had 32+ inches. Too bad we don't own a boat- we could have set sail in our back yard a few days!!

I have missed these days....

I enjoy watching the boys play outside usually for hours at a time. It has gotten really chilly now that we have had 500 cold fronts and rain move in. The yard is still a little soft and swishy!!

We will still be outside- just for not as long...and with many layers on!! I did buy a few mums I need to plant for right now they are just in pots for decoration next to the Daddy, Mama, brother & baby pumpkins- as T calls them!!

We painted pumpkins, baked pumpkin cookies, and bought mums....think we are ready for fall!!

I am REALLY ready for next weekend- SCRAPBOOK RETREAT!!! I have been going through all my stuff and I am ready to see these boys baby books FINISHED!!!

I borrowed my sis in laws laptop-THANKS COLE!! I plan on multi-tasking..... the only thing I know!! I really hope I can get a good signal on the computer in the that way I can download to shutterfly and make Christmas gifts as I crop.....I HOPE & PRAY we have a good signal!!

I will try to get this updated as soon as I can- I am cooking and preparing meals for the retreat and for the boys while I am gone......mmmm....chicken taco soup......vegetable beef soup.....yummo!!!
Please keep my friend Heather in your prayers as she is still battling nasty cancer....pray the Lord gives her strength and courage as she continues on this journey in her life!

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