Friday, October 9, 2009

Funny Friday

OK this week I have been setting all kinds of stuff on eBay. So many things that the kids are afraid they are next!! ( I stole it from Dave Ramsey) 25 AUCTIONS in ALL- 67 items!!!

Anyway I guess that T hears me talk about eBay a lot. So he knows a little about it- and that it has to do with the computer.

When we were in OK for my grandma's funeral poor B- he was running around keeping track of 2 busy boys while I was visiting or who knows what!

At one point B lost track of C- He then looked at T and said "where is your brother?" T responded in a frustrated voice " He is in there in Grana's computer looking up stuff on eBay!"

Then Yesterday as I was punishing T in his bedroom- I make him sit on the bed, them I come in and talk to him while I am stroking the mini boat paddle we spank them with. Talk about scary moments in the eyes of a child!!

Anyway, I was talking to him and asking him "why" he did what he did was wrong- I then spanked him and talked about how NOT to DO IT again!! Then I hugged him as I always do and tell him " I love you and I don't like to spank you, but you must obey so I don't have to spank you any more!"

He looked at me and said " Can we buy a boat- so we can go fishing, then I will take that paddle and keep it in the boat- so you cannot spank me with it ever again!!" I said "No this is a spanking paddle and that is what it is for- and it is HEAR to STAY!!"

Then he quickly replied....." Well, then when I grow up I am gonna SELL it on EBAY!!!"

I had to turn around so he would not see me laugh!!! Kids they really are listening when you think they aren't and REALLY pay attention!!!

Have a Good Weekend!!!
We are CELEBRATING C's BIG 2nd Birthday Party on to come!!


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Mandy said...

That's a great story! Hope ya'll have a great weekend!