Friday, August 21, 2009

Funny Friday

Well, this is definitely a out of the mouth of babes story!!

It goes back about 10 years when I first moved here and had a beauty shop in a small town. I was 22 at the time. I like to think that was I KNOW it was!!! Many kids would come and get their hair done and I tried to be a good friend to them.

This one kid would always come and visit everyday- waiting for his little brother to get out of school. So we really became good friends- kind of a little brother & big sis relationship. He graduated high school and every so often he would come around.

I have not seen him much over the last few years- He moved away to go to college, but he was always good at trying to visit me when he came to town. His mom & I still keep in touch and talk about once a week or every other week on the phone.

He graduated college this summer but doesn't start his full time job until the fall. So he needed some things to make extra money and keep him busy this summer!

Well, I had just the jobs for him- yard work, painting, etc. When he came by it was middle of the day and the boys were up he came in visited and we talked a little, he picked the boys up and tickled them. Just being his normal self.

B by the way was FULLY aware he was coming to do some work. I had talked to him about it the night before. I showed him the jobs and he said he would have to come back later in the week to finish them. Sounded great to me!!

That night when B got home I had to quickly leave as soon as he arrived- Kiss and out the door- tag you are it. I had to take food to someones house who had just had a baby.

While I was gone- barely out the door apparently......T told his daddy "Mama had a man friend to come over to the house today!" As he smiled at T he asked him " What did they do?" T answered back " Oh just talked and walked outside."

He apparently drilled him and asked many more questions- which I thought was hilarious!! You know kids say the funniest things!!

When I arrived back at the house we sat down for supper- I then was asked "so mama who was your MAN friend that came to visit today?" I looked confused and then it totally hit me- I could not stop laughing nearly loosing my food!

So from then on we started to call the unnamed college grad....."My Man Friend" He comes to visit and helped me with many of my never ending projects this summer- I am so glad I have such a good Man Friend to call on!!

His mom & I laugh about it all the time- He is a good friend who has now grown up and in the real world. I wish him the best in all he does.

Always be careful what you do when little eyes and ears are watching you......T is always watching out for his mama!! Every time B leaves the house he tells T- "you are in charge, you have to take good care of your mama & C while I am gone" He does a good job of that!!

Have a Good Weekend!


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mandy said...

This is such a funny and cute story! T was looking out for daddy it sounds like this time! Have a great weekend!