Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Someone's 4 today!!!!

August 5, 2005 7:35pm

God Blessed us with you- and now you continue to Bless us.....

T now that you are 4 what are you up too??
48 lbs. and 44 inches
Size 6 clothes- 13 shoe size

You LOVE the color Black & Camo!!

You LOVE monster trucks, any kind of truck really- and trains.

All you talk about is Hunting in the deer woods with your daddy and you can make anything into a deer stand!!

You cannot go to bed without us telling you a story when we were little.

You have 6 Bible verses memorized by heart- and can recite them...because you cannot read them yet.

Your dream and wish is to be as big and just like your daddy- you follow him around when he is working on his truck and kick tires behind him and check oil with him.

At school you have learned a lot this last year- you know all you abc's, colors, shapes, learning to cut and write your name- you have to T and getting better at the others!!

You LOVE to pretend to be a doctor and to pretend I have a baby in my tummy...Thank the Lord I am glad it is only pretend- you also like to dress up like a fireman and hunter!!

You smile a lot and people always compliment your sweet blue eyes!!!

You LOVE your little brother and like to include him in everything we do. Unless you mention- "hey when C takes a nap- I am gonna play with this toy, because I just don't feel like sharing!"

You and C like to wrestle around on the floor and play "ready, set, go"then run through the house like wild boys!!!

When you wake up you still love to snuggle or sit in my lap and be rocked- I love it too!!

I know now that you are 4 you are bigger now and are learning more things each day. One thing I want you to know is the Lord and how much he loves and cares for you- more than mama and daddy ever could!! He has come to give you eternal life if you follow him- We pray each day you draw closer to the Lord and come to have a great relationship with you heavenly Father! Just as you follow your daddy around and want to be like him- Your Heavenly Father wants you to follow him and be like him.

We LOVE you first born- you are such a sweet boy and we are so BLESSED that God has shared us with you to raise- It is an honor!! Thank You Lord for our Baby boy who is growing up so very fast!! We pray he has many many more blessed years with us!!

We celebrated this last Saturday for T's birthday- Had a "swim party" with a SUPER big slide we borrowed from aunt Cole. Thanks again- it was so much fun!!

It was a bit rainy and so we said they can play in even if it rains as long as it is not thundering and lighting. So the minute we heard thunder and saw lightening- the outside play was DONE!!
Usually we are outside for his parties and sweating off nearly 10 pounds a piece!! Not this year it was really nice- we did not even put 'sun scream' (that is what T calls it)on the kids.
Some where along the way T hit heads with C and they both have the bruises to prove it- C has his first of many black eyes!!

This year was different for me- now that he is in school and has new friends. He wanted to invite his friends from school- Well that meant I could not invite my friends!! Oh well there is always C party in October, I can invite them to that!!

We had a Monster Truck theme. He is really into monster trucks now and pretty much any truck. He is a BOY- I don't expect him to play with dolls.....on the other hand.....he did get a doll for one of his presents- FAVORITE gift AWARD goes to aunt Cole and big cousin A.G. I saw the doll at our local hunting store when I went to get his present- I thought about getting it then thought- I will remember it for Christmas. Then Blake's sis aunt Cole called and asked what to get- I told her HUNTER DAN.....that is his name- he really is a super muscular Ken doll if you ask me. He comes with his own rifle, climbing stand, camo clothes and a camo tent to hunt out of. He slept with the doll the first night- he had to me to take his shirt off so the doll and T could "sleep like daddy, with out a shirt!"

Do you see what I see?? Look at the smiles on those hunters in the back ground....JOY!!!

We gave him camo clothes for the up coming hunting seasons and new rubber boots. I saved our for the last gift- I knew he would have to change into them asap...he did!!

He loves to dress up so BoBo and MiMi got him a dress up police and fireman suit- he then proceeded to arrest all of the guests at the party.

Grana and Poppie got him a "toy puppy." That was one of the first gifts he mentioned he wanted. "Well since you won't let me get a REAL doggy- I want a toy one" he told me when we were writing out a wish list. We are NOT getting another dog for awhile- we live on a very busy highway and our dog got run over last January- that was her second time in 4 years. We will wait until we move??? Who knows when that will be?? Same town- don't panic!!

Thank you to everyone who came and gave him- trucks, clothes, money, bubbles, sidewalk chalk, footballs, floor puzzle, veggietales movies, helicopter and much much more- He appreciates it all and we appreciate your generous spirit!!

His very first gift he opened was before the party- we then used it for table decor!! Uncle Charlie and aunt Jill gave him a MONSTER TRUCK!!! He loves it!! He really loves all of his gifts and has played with them so much since the party- he is surprisingly sharing very well with little brother too!! I usually buy two of everything so they can each have one- I was worried about birthday party gifts. It is just part of learning to share.

He was so happy all of his little friends from school came- when we were making a list of WHO to invite he mentioned all boys names, I then suggested to invite some girls his response was "NO mama, it is a Monster Truck Party- NO GIRLS ALLOWED!!" I told him that his two girl cousins were definitely coming and if we invited a few girls they could play together. That suggestion was completely vetoed!!

Our littlest guest was our new baby cousin T.K. we were so happy he got to come!! He is only 2 1/2 months old- he is so sweet and too cute!!! Thanks for coming J & J!! We love you all!!

So LOTS of boys and LOTS of boy things!! We did have a lot of food as usual!! I love to give parties- deep down inside I really would like to be a party planner. I just love having parties and getting together!! In the future I have a HUGE feeling I will just be planning super bowl parties, world series & NCAA final four parties instead of tea parties!!

I designed his cake- but left it to the bakery in town to fix. I bought some cheap cars and some monster trucks a the store. I then took a hammer to the cars and I drew a diagram of my ideas with the monster trucks in mud and crunching the cars.....I think they did a GREAT job of putting my thought in icing!!!

Today I am taking T on a date! He is so excited- I really am too. I know one day he will be walking 10 feet behind me at a mall and wishing I was invisible- so I will take it while I can!! We plan to go to the "Ice cream place" aka Dairy Queen- then off to get a truck at the dollar store he can pick out with his birthday money and chore money he has saved up.

Thank you aunt Donna for watching C for me while I spend time with T. I think it is very important since he is first born that we spend time with out little brother sometimes. I have time with C when T is gone to school so it is only fair!! I can't wait to hear all his stories and tales he loves to talk about.

Unhook the slide the parties over.....

The slide after the the pouring down rain!!

After the party and as it keep raining harder and harder the kids found a puddle in the driveway that was not safe......One guess who found it first???

Yep- you were right.....
you have to read on funny Friday for a story about this!!! Can't miss it!!

And Many More......

p.s. Thank You Neca the card & money made it in the mail on the right day!! You are so thoughtful!!!


Mandy said...

So glad Troy had a happy birthday! Such a cute blog! Thanks for sharing!

kwallocha said...

Happy Birthday, T. Enjoy your special day!