Monday, August 10, 2009

10 things on the Tenth

I almost forgot..... it is the tenth!!

10 Things I have learned since moving to the SOUTH!!

1. A shopping cart in a store is called a "buggy" guess that means you are the horse??

2. a Vulture is called a "buzzard" I was nearly laughed out of a car for that mistake.

3. I have heard the saying more than once- "the higher the HAIR...the closer to GOD" If that is the case- good thing the rapture did not come in the 90's those bangs would have gotten all sorts of people in trouble!!

4. I officially say "I am fixin' to.... " which means to do something?

5. When you "carry"someone somewhere they are usually NOT on your back. When my husband and I dated he asked me to "Carry him back to his car parked a few miles away" I was weigh over 200 lbs- are you kidding me??

6. On the other hand when you "tote" something- that could be on your back- instead of carrying something you just tote it?? Confused yet??

7. When you go to a restraunt and order a COKE they ask what kind??? It is not a soda or a pop- all cokes are called COKE!!

8. Unless of course you order Tea then they ask "sweet or unsweet?" when you order sweet- it is usually SWEET too!!

9. Chicken houses stink the hotter the weather gets.....wait I mean....STINK!!!! Doesn't that make your fried chicken taste good!!

10. DEER SEASON- is a national holiday in the south......some areas still let out of school for the first few days- and MANY men take their paid weeks vacation for the opprutunity to kill a BIG BUCK- which will fill the deep freeze full of meat and there pride full of JOY!!

I know I grew up just in a neighboring Oklahoma to Arkansas- but my friend it is a world away. I officially am a "deer widow" when season comes around- usually you can find me fixin' to fry up something or maybe carrying my kids to the store puttin' them in the buggy, and toteing all their stuff. Then at the end of the day I enjoy sittin' down with a nice cold COKE or SWEET TEA!!



kwallocha said...

You're too funny!!!!!!1

Kecia said...

Very accurate.
FYI, if you tote/carry something in the Northwest (Idaho, Wash, Ore) you "pack" it. As in, "Hey, can you pack this to the car for me?" When people asked me to pack their babies, it always took me aback a little...