Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Swim Party

Well, this weekend we went to this little princess party for a cutie that T goes to school with. It happened to be a swim party- and the pool that they took swim lessons at so I thought they would be familiar with everything. I loved watching all the boys eat pink ice cream and eat off of pink princess plates....too cute!!
My friend Crystal and I started a little switch thing- not the cleaning houses....birthday parties. Since our boys go to school & church together- they get invited to the same parties. So one mom take the big boys and the other one stays at home with the little boys (babies T calls them).

This party was different- we both are good friends with the mom- plus I had another shower to go to also that morning. SOOOOOO......that will never happen again!!!

I was a Basket case with a capital B!!! I put floaties (swimmies) on C's arms and set him down in the pool on the step. Sat back and watched them a little bit. Then took my eyes off the pool for a moment to air up some more floaties. This is what I saw.......

I went bonkers!!! Yelling his name and trying to pull him to the side- only to realize he was fine and swimming on his OWN!!! Oh, I tell you I will totally have to sit in the car and read a book when this kid starts contact sports!!!

T did okay Thanks to Mrs. Janet for fishing him out of the deep end. At what age do you tell your kids " If other kids jumped off a Cliff" story???

He got in the deep end because his friends were there.....HELLO they can swim and have life jackets on???

Anyway, I still have a ton of projects planned now that T is in school 3 days a week- So if I break or unplug for a few days I will let you know. Thanks for reading my crazy stories... I swear people if I thought hard enough I could not make this stuff up!!


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