Friday, August 7, 2009


OK this is a funny but also-
Don't think I did not discipline in the act of a very dangerous situation also!!

Let me set it up if you don't know where we live- It is a big yard....but our house is VERY close to a State highway! We live in the country in a small community- so mostly everyone knows each other and you cannot go out with out seeing someone...and having a conversation with them mentioning they "saw us out in the yard!"

Okay so after the BIG blowout party for T on Saturday- it was raining...very hard and there were lots and lots of puddles! So we sat in the carport (in the south) and watched the kids play in the water. They were playing different games, like chasing each other and catching rain in their mouths.

Then as BoBo and MiMi left they started getting brave and running through and around the two vehicle's left in the driveway. Still not bad because there were 5 adults sitting there- and me with my nose to the camera watching with one eye!
So, as they were running through the cars there was a pattern..... T, lil A.G., then bringing up the rear with his little muscular pigeon toed run -C! As they came around each time I would try to catch the candid fun they were having. Then the pattern went T, A.G., T, A.G., T- that is when the infamous question in our house was asked "anyone know where C is?"
You know we were all just sitting there and watching so where could he have gone?? Then as we looked up I let out the scream that is similar to Kevin's mom on Home Alone "C........!" I really have a HUGE voice and very loud- doesn't take much to get ANYONE'S attention!!
Where was he you ask?? THE MAILBOX.....right next to the HIGHWAY!!!! I ran so fast the waters in the yard were parting faster than the Red Sea ever thought about!!
I reached him at the black crooked mail box at the road where the helium filled balloons were hanging soaking wet- and he sweetly looked up at me and said "baaalloooonns!" Then as I squatted next to his little soaking wet body and looked into his crystal blue eyes- I told him how dangerous this was and not to ever go into the road....then gave him a little wet spanking and cut the balloons off of the mailbox then- led him back to the house as he giggled knowing he would get to play with a balloon.
He loves balloons-like a moth to the flame- he is a sucker for a balloon!!! Then I gave each one of the kids a balloon and they were happy and laughing even more!! Of course as much as C likes balloons he loves to pop them even more?? His main goal once he gets the thing is to squeeze the snot out of it until it blows up- then he will look up and say " uh oh- pop!" He then looks for another unsuspecting balloon to go pounce on!
Ok I know you are saying that is not that funny?? Well, I have not gotten there- Later that evening I saw the light flashing on the phone that I had a message. I was listening to it and feeling my face get more and more red as I listened!! I could not believe what the little lady who lived down the road had seen and what she was is her message " Mollie, we were driving by and your little feller is out in the road by the mailbox- I think we are gonna turn around and come check on him, I know it is not like you to not watch your kids so it really did worry me- Oh wait he is gone now, well I am glad you got him, he is just so little and I know how he likes to wander around the yard- Well we don't have time to stop any visit- OK BYE!!"
Well folks there goes my running for Mother of the Year Award!!!
Have a Good Weekend!!

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Anonymous said...

that is too funny- been there myself- so glad God looks out for the little ones.- usually something happens at the neighbor- grandmas or he tells them what happened at his next visit:) Janet