Friday, August 14, 2009

Funny Friday

When I got home Sunday afternoon- I had been gone all afternoon, I had lunch with a friend and then church that night. They had a little work to do in the woods with BoBo so daddy was a busy man!!!

He hugged me when I got home and said " I don't see how you do it!!" I just smiled.

He was running bath water for the boys- T was on the couch passed out and snoring!!!! And I said where is C? B said "honestly I have no clue??"

I started on the trek.....I usually keep all closets, laundry room & bathroom doors closed when I am home with the boys. As I was walking from room to room I saw this.......

Then I grabbed the camera and he said "Cheese!!" He was brushing his teeth....with his brothers (nasty) sweet!!

His diaper was soaking wet because he had turned the water on too---outside of the diaper!!

Since then he has done it again about 4 when he goes missing I just go straight to the bathroom!!
Atleast you got a sneak peek of my bathroom remodel!!!

One more note.....He climbed out of his crib this week.....YIPEE!!!!

I was in the office trying to get my computer to work and kept hearing him on the monitor moving around so I knew he was not asleep......and that is when I hear a toy play!!! I'll never forget the moment!!! Neither will my friend Crystal...I screamed in her ear because I was talking to her on the phone!!

I cannot put in the blog what exactly I said being the christian woman that I am, but you can ask her and she was just cracking up at me!!!

When I went over to the house and BUSTED him....I quietly opened the door to his room and looked at him in a serious look- He immediately started to slowly stand up and move away from the toy. He then pouted that rosie little lip out and started to cry like he was in big trouble!!

I swatted down next to his shaking body and said in a calm but firm voice "what are you doing out of your bed?" He then in his own language said " blah blah blah....try to bed"

So I cracked that code...he tried to get back in and since he couldn't that is his only mistake!!! I then told him "we do not get out of our crib unless mama comes to get us do you understand me?" With tears rolling down his cheek he replied "ma'am" which means yes ma'am- he learned that from brother.

I then spanked the little climbing hiney and made him sit in his chair for a minute (his age) then I walked back to him and told him never to ever ever do that again- it makes me said and makes Jesus said that he disobeyed mama. Got another "ma'am" and I think that one is solved.

The only way I think he did it NO JOKE.....he had to pull himself up out of his crib with the mobile from his bed them lift his body out and jump onto a rocking chair I really think he did that. He told me " blah blah blah chair" when I asked him- but there is no possible way that he could reach it unless.....he was swinging.

Truly I think when a kid can climb out of there crib- that means time to take it down and sleep in a big bed- this child not the case.....He will stay behind wooden bars for as long as possible- otherwise I will have to remove EVERYTHING from his room but the Bed!!!! He has not tried it again and I remind him every time I put him down- not to get out or he will get a spanking!!

Therefore, once again has confirmed to have Curious George for his birthday party theme!!! He is our little monkey!!!

Have a Good Weekend!!


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Mandy said...

C the climber it fits his name!!!!!!!! So cute Hope ya'll are doing well? Haven't seen you in forever!