Monday, August 31, 2009

My Heart.......

Just a quick post. I just need to share this and feel led to so bare with me!!

Okay most of you who KNOW me, you can tell from the moment you meet me 2 strong characteristics- I LOVE to TALK & I LOVE CHRIST !!!

Well, I know that my talking gets on some peoples nerves....I won't mention names- You know who you are!! (wink wink) But, I know God made me Mollie who likes to talk, smile & try to make people laugh!! That is who God created when he made me- correct??

Then thank the Lord he BROKE the mold!!! Can I get an AMEN!!!

Today we made a trip to Little Rock- AR Children's Hospital. T had just a regular check-up on his tubes he had put in last December- GREAT NEWS!!! He is Well & Perfect Hearing Praise the LORD!!!

The day did not start out all that great- Crazy as usual and I know the devil was just getting more & more mad- because I did not want to get defeated! Then to top that off- T peed his pants right before we left??? What the HECK???

He has been potty trained since he was 2!!! I have NO CLUE why he did this- HE does not have a clue either??? I was so shocked and almost paddled him because he knows better!!!

Then it gets better- we stopped to eat, tried to break up the 2 1/2 hour trip a little. We had a bathroom break right before we were on the road. A few miles down the interstate he says "Mama I have to go Potty" I told him " Ok we will stop in 1 mile can you hold it?" He said " I will try"

I pull in a rest area- WHAT DO I SMELL??? NO JOKE!!!! He pooped his pants!!!! Thought I was gonna LOOSE my religion on Interstate 30!!! I felt defeated- Because I was so stinkin' mad!!!

I was in total shock once again. Thinking what in the world is this kid trying to do to me?? Luckily the OVER Prepared mom that I am- I have a pair of underwear & shorts in the car.

As we left the rest area- and I was not only smoking tires but also out the ears of this fake blonde head!!! I told him if he keeps this up I will make him wear a diaper to school on Wednesday so his friends could laugh at him. I know that was super rude- I apologized to him later!!

Then we FINALLY arrived and went to the Doctor's appt. with out a hitch. Made 4 bathroom trips while we were there. JUST MAKING SURE.......we were out of spider man underpants by that time.

I did promise them they could play outside on the wonderful play area- IF they were good boys and acted good in the office!! Amazingly that worked!!

As they played and ran around the soft cushioned play area I sipped on my Mocha Java Chiller. That was my reward for making a bad thing into a good thing!!!

This precious Mother and her little girl were standing by. I smiled and thought Dear God, I am so sorry that our little poopy spider man pants was SUCH a BIG deal to me. This mother probably wishes that is all she has to worry about.

The little brown eyed girl was so thin and her hair was mostly gone- Oh I am crying just typing this. The best way to describe her is a PERFECT poster child for St. Jude. Bless her heart- she melted mine.

As I watched my kids run around and jump off of things- Her mom had to hold her precious frail body. Then she came over to us. I asked her if this little tikes car that C was playing with was hers?? I had never seen it out here. She responded with a smile and said "No but, she really wants to ride in it- we are getting ready to go home" I then removed the screaming red head from it and told him we need to share. Goodness gracious If I had enough money in my pocket I would have gone to buy her one that minute. She was THAT CUTE!!!

As she sat in the car and smiled. I could not see her mouth due to the medical mask- but I could see the light in her brown eyes. Happy Heart!!

Her mom told me that she had Leukemia- she was 5. Bless her heart- My heart just broke- both of my kids are healthy and here I was complaining about some poop & pee!!! Shame on ME!!

They were there to get her chemo treatment. She had to get blood too. The sweet mother was so proud that she had gained 2 pounds in the last few weeks.

I then as I have many times asked her If I could PLEASE pray with her?? I touched the mom's shoulder and looked into the brown eyes of the sweet Madison- As I prayed I choked back tears. I prayed God give her a total healing and restore her body to the way GOD created it. I then prayed for the Peace of the mother & strength. Then as I closed the prayer- I THANKED GOD in advance for her healing!! And sent them on there way.

Then as she walked off another mom told me about HER 16 year old son who was in a terrible car crash Friday night. He broke his neck and has very bad back injuries- pretty much shattered! She said he DID have FULL brain activity & had along road. She said they would probably be there for 1 month in ICU- then move to another room- then maybe somewhere else. But he had a LONG road ahead of him. I was so heavy with hurt for both of these moms.

I did not get a chance to pray with Alex's mom- but I did get his name........I did have a 2 year old & 4 year old on the playground.

I am not telling you this to boast or be proud of me- I am letting you know to pray for these moms & PLEASE pray for all moms who's kids are in a hospital. I was hard to not miss the mom who sat on a bench with tears rolling down her cheek as she watched the waterfall.

I don't know what she was going through- but as we passed my little red head waved his hand and told her "HI" She then tried to laugh and smile through her pain on her face.

Only through the GRACE of GOD are we saved and have eternal LIFE!!! And through my relationship with him I have found GREAT JOY!! I LOVE to share my testimony with others and I know I may never get to see these moms ever again- But GOD sees them NOW!!!

And he hears our prayers!!! Don't take your children for granted- HUG them and LOVE them as much as you can. Life is so fragile and could be gone with in moments. As I reminded Alex's mom- he is ALREADY a MIRACLE!!! GOD is just not through with him. He is ALIVE!!!

LET YOUR LIGHT SHINE FOR HIM TODAY!!!! Trust me- It was an honor to get to pray for a mom & child who are hurting and I did it for HIM!!!

Like I said I am NOT doing this for GLORY of ME- BUT GOD!!!!

Please Pray for: Madison Russell & Alex Cossey


Thanks for reading my heart,


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c2cthompson said...

Thanks Mollie. This really made me open my eyes to how things can change within seconds. I will pray for Madison and Alex. This story brought tears to my eyes.