Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Cowboy Fun!!

HOWDY PARTNER....... For months C would dress up like a cowboy......so his party theme was a cinch!!! He wore his hat and carried a gun from dawn til dusk......but had a smile that would melt your heart!!!

Luckily our theme at bible school was also western so I had plenty of decor already!!!

We did choose to go to a bounce house- and let the kiddos jump around. We choose not to do gifts for the boys birthdays and to ask guests to donate to the mission work of T.E.N. in their efforts to give to orphanages in Peru and Africa. C was able to raise 400 dollars from friends and family to help other kids. We are so thankful for friends and family and all they did to support this effort!!

There was a 2 story slide that was C's favorite- so the grown ups took turns walking up and sliding down with him or other kids!! FAMILY FUN!!!!

His friends and cousins all ready to JUMP!!!

T enjoyed climbing into the Lions mouth!!!

JUMPING WITH FRIENDS!!!! I am telling you that nothing this boys does with out jumping or running, we could not have chosen a better place- well worth the money!!!

We did give him a tractor from T for his present and a truck that looks like daddy's!!

He was so happy- he loves Trucks!!!

C is my free spirited very independent child. He is my second born so of course he probably gets away with a lot more than the normal. But at the same time he is caring and loves his brother!! He loves to go hunting with his daddy- and cries now if he is left behind. His red head gives him lots of looks from ladies......they love the hair!! And he loves the attention!! I love that each and every time I pick him up from his bed he pats my back as I pat his- and he tells me "I wuvs you mama" melts my heart!! Looking forward to seeing what he will LEAD in his future- he is a born leader!!!

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