Saturday, February 12, 2011

Let it SNOW.......again!!!!

Here in the south we are lucky if we get one good snow day!!! Usually we get a good day of sleet or ice. I remember last year when we were expecting our "snow" day B and I were getting ready to go away for the weekend. I was so sad thinking- I will miss C's first real snow day....and do you know what- it snowed a day early. I think God knows the desires of our hearts and honors even the simple and small little prayers.
This year we have gotten 3 snow days!!! First one being more sleet than snow.....second one was good- great packing snow for snowballs and a BIG snowman....third one I didn't even take the camera was a small dusting of an inch or two!! So here is a review in pictures of our snow days!!!Me all bundled up in my wool coat.....I wear once a the snow!!!First snow.......when it was coming down still......we were all excited!!!Redneck sled.......Daddy pulled the boys from his 4 wheeler with a "clean" trash can lid. Living in the south causes much improvising with sleds!!! Our first snow/sleet man!!!
The second snow.....C was getting tired of falling down and bless his heart he had so many clothes on he could not get back up......he would say "we go inside??" This is the same child that BEGS to go outside all the time!!!

He enjoyed eating the snow.......white snow of course!!

T was loving throwing snowballs!!!! And had quite and arm on him!!!

Snowman #2.....Roscoe the cowboy snowman!!!
B and I talked about since He would only have one snow day a year his experience with building snowmen was not as good as mine- so he said "show me how you build one!!!" There ya go big boy......You roll the whole yard up!!!!! We had a great time making this one- and it took about an hour!!!
The second sled improved also- we used a wind catcher off a Big Truck B's dad brought by. IT WAS AWESOME!!!! We almost passed the 4 wheeler- got some major hang time too!!!

Perfect size for adults but the boys had a good time going slower when mama wasn't on there to hang on to them!!We were running out of snow.....but it was still sliding on the grass just as well!!!! Think we found a new toy!!! We have enjoyed the snow....but I would have to say I am so ready for Spring- my very favorite season!!! And not to mention all the baking I am doing- whew.....this cold weather makes me bake more and then of course some one has to eat it all!!!


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