Sunday, February 13, 2011

My LOVE Story

For many of you who know is obvious that I am truly and madly in LOVE with a certain man. He is my ALL, He takes my breath away, He gives me laughter- LOVE- and tons of JOY!!!

For years I tried to fill my life with people who I thought would help me.....they always let me down and usually I ended up hurt. I met him- and I know each day may be a struggle, but walking with him by my is easier. When you love some one and they LOVE you back, nothing gives you a better feeling.

This man is my soul-mate, I feel his arms around me when I am sad or need comforting and He is always there to pick up all the pieces and help me back on to my feet. He wipes my tears when I cry. He carries me when I cannot walk, He comforts me when I need him most!

He doesn't judge me for who I am or crazy things that I do.....He is always forgiving and understanding. I can have the worst day ever- and He understand and comforts me. I can have the BEST day ever and He rejoices with me.

He LOVES my laughter and my smile- it makes him smile too!! He loves me for WHO I AM- not for who people wish I were! I will not change for anyone but him.

I LOVE this man with all my heart- ALL my soul and one day I know I will meet him face to face........

You see, I have never met him face to face actually, I feel him- I know he is there. I can see him in his works, from the rising of the Sun to the setting of the Sun. In the spring he makes all things dead come to life again. And he is the reason I live and breathe.

He is my heavenly Father, the love for Him that I have surpasses any love I have for anyone I love here on Earth- He is ALWAYS with me and ALWAYS for me. The GREAT thing about him is HE has enough LOVE for you that he has for ME!!! He created you to LOVE HIM TOO!!

I know that it may sound odd to have so much love for someone who I have never met face to face- but when I see his work in my life, it is rewarding and it gives me butterflies that one day I will see him. I will see him, and all those who I have lost before I was ready- it was their time to go home and I do miss them so.

My heart rejoices for the day I will see loved ones and friend who have left this world for an eternal life with him. To think of all the wonderful people we will see brings JOY to my heart.

I do love him so, I do know that I will live forever with him in Eternity- do you know??

If you died today- where would you spend eternity??

Here are a few of my favorite songs to share with you and my Love for Him-
Oh How He Loves Us
I can only Imagine
Spoken For

This one they sang in church yesterday- It is a major wake up call to parents to show us that we are responsible for the future generations!!
Lead Me

One more thing.....when you come to know is a simple prayer- but a LIFE changing experience!! You know who you Please do not wait another day!!



Kecia said...

Great post--as I read more and more I started to grin, thinking, "I believe we love the same One!" And I was right. :) Happy Valentine's Day!

Mrs. Claus said...

Love this!! Just got a chance to read it!