Saturday, February 5, 2011 review

Quick little review of the holiday seasons......we had Thanksgiving here with B's family and my mom, dad, sister, brother in law and niece came to visit also!!! So we had a great time with the WHOLE family!!

For twelve years now we have alternated Christmas and Thanksgiving holidays since we live 6 hours away from my parents and 2 hours away from my sister and her family- we can't make both families houses the same day!! It has always worked out good that way. Since we have had children we have also alternated Easter and Mother's Day in the spring. Here is a picture we took of my side of the family this fall. First time since 2008- I would say it was over due!! Not bad for setting my camera up on a tri-pod and running to get in the picture!!
My sis, mom and me Thanksgiving morning......if the food wasn't good at least we had a good time and looked good fixing it!!

B's side of the family.....Our family with his sister, niece, aunt, uncle, mom, dad, grandmothers, and grandpa. Thanksgiving day at his mom and dad's house.
We spent Christmas in Oklahoma......glad we got spend 3 days seeing and spending time with my Papaw......he was 89 in November!! We LOVE our Papaw!!!
Poppie's gift to the grand kids was......a guitar like now he has his own band!!! Got to love on my girl- my niece lil her and getting to play dolls with her!!! Not my best picture.....but it WAS Christmas morning!!!

The Christmas morning excitement is still the same because Santa came to Oklahoma instead of our house. And cookies and milk taste just as good right??

T asked for a Transformer Bumblebee and C a Batman castle....he LOVES batman!!! So they were both so excited Christmas morning to see that Santa had come to visit!!
and he played and played and played with his batman castle for 12 hours straight!!!!! Santa got his monies worth in the first day!!! Then when we arrived home we opened our gifts.....from us to the boys!! We gave the boys bikes this year....lots of fun!! We barely made it home before dark to ride the new bikes!!
I love the aftermath of Christmas presents everywhere.....signs of life and healthy children!! C didn't want to go outside and ride.....we had to pry him off the batman castle.....T on the other hand was SUPER excited and could not wait!!!

This is our Family Christmas photo for 2010.....the night before the tree came down....we posed of it via self timer on the camera!!! I think the boys get a kick out of watching me RUN to get in the picture!!My 33rd Birthday is 5 days after Christmas my boys gave me a new purse!!! I love it!!!
We got a few snow days in January and daddy got to stay home from work due to icy roads!!
B was getting the boys ready to pull behind the 4 wheeler....courteous of Uncle Charlie and his "clean" trash bin lid. When you live in the south and you rarely get snow....sleds are few and far must be very creative. I saw everything from trash bin lids, knee boards, laundry baskets, ice chest and a Dodge car hood that people were using as a sled!! BUT we have the 4 wheeler to do it- where there's a will there's a way......even if it is the redneck way!!!

Jingle Bells Jingle Bells Jingle all the way!!! Oh what fun it is to ride on a trash can lid pulled by daddy's 4 wheeler...HEY!! The boys laughed and sang that song the whole time!! I rode a couple of rounds and felt it the next day.....trash bin lids don't have that much cushion on them!! But it was fun while it lasted!!

The boys built a snowman.....made of sleet!!! Frosty the Sleet man....had Hershey kiss eyes, peanut butter cracker button, and a carrot nose!!
The little boys had a good time on the 4 wheeler with my big boy too!!

That is a wrap of what we have done of the few months of my lack of blogging we have still stayed busy!!!

So far so good!!!


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