Thursday, February 3, 2011

Our first visit from the Tooth Fairy

Well, this post was one I was thinking would wait a few years....but when you least suspect things! It was in June (keep in mind I am behind in posting stories!) we had vacation bible school and I noticed an ugly bump above T's tooth right in the front. Didn't think much of it, so a week went by- took him to the doctor. I was leaving for Peru the next week- so I just wanted to take extra precaution. The doc looked and said "looks like a little ulcer- it will go away" Not to worry. I left on my trip. When I returned- one of the first things I noticed besides the foot T had grown while I was gone, was that thing was still there- and gotten bigger!! I did however stay at a mission house with some dentist missionaries- mentioned it to them, he said "oh that is an abscess- he needs a root canal!" Oh MY!!! On a five year old in the front- talk about scary!!

So, I took him to the dentist when I returned and he said "this is an abscess- the tooth needs to be taken OUT NOW!!" I was not prepared.....I had NO CAMERA- WAIT MY PHONE!!! ha!!

Bless his little heart with the clown nose for gas......he didn't realize what was going on until the dentist pulled out the pliers!! Then he grabbed the dentist hand!!! Luckily the dentist was a pro and got the job done!! T shed a few tears.....but then when I told him to feel it with his tongue he thought that was cool!!
I promised him some ice cream too!! That heals all....right?? Here is his toothless grin!!!

He got his ice cream and we headed home.....he also got to choose a prize from the treasure chest....
BUBBA TEETH.....only appropriate when you life in Arkansas!! The sweet thing about what he did was when they said he can pick a prize out- he said in a sweet voice "Can I get one for my brother too?" Melted my heart!!
So, when we arrived home we put the tooth in the little container for a keepsake.

Then he wrote the sweetest note to the tooth fairy telling her how he wanted to keep his tooth to show his friends! Now at the same time let me tell you I was NOT ready for this tooth fairy thing- and so I had no stories prepared or had not put much thought into it. He didn't even know of such a thing until the nurse and dentist mentioned "tooth fairy" and they added that when you get a tooth pulled she "pays double!!" Gee Thanks people!!

So we went into all the details and he tucked it under his pillow- so excited! He then started asking millions of questions as kids do about everything. But I felt terrible having to "LIE" to my son- and yet tell him NOT to lie!! I was a bit bothered by this.

So sweet dreams for him as he slept..........
The next morning when he found his dollar He was THRILLED!!! So excited and yet so FULL of questions again and again I was puzzled and stumbling all over my lies......digging a grave for me and all my teeth!!!

Then a few days later......another tooth fell out!! Lions, Tigers and Bears OH MY!!! Two days later- another tooth!!! Yes 3 teeth in two weeks he lost.....I felt like I was loosing my baby!!! But at the same time the second tooth brought more questions from him and more lies from me.....YET another note and another dollar from the "fairy"
His questions were deep- like how does she fly into my room?? Does she know Jesus?? Does she have friends & family?? Where does she live?? How does she fly?? I had no clue how to answer the questions- so he was catching me in lies!!!
But when the question came that I just had to completely stop in my tracks and tell him the truth- the SAME way we believe in Santa!! His question was "So is the tooth fairy with me all the time like Jesus- does she love me like him?" I told him right then and there "T I am sorry I have to tell you the truth- it was ME I put the dollar under your pillow and I made up the tooth fairy, my mama did it for me- and it is just pretend." ahhhhh I felt such relief!!!
His response- "Oh ok like Santa- just a make believe person!" Exactly, it went smooth and by the third tooth- he forgot to even put it under his pillow and we gave him a dollar for his piggy bank!!
As a parent you live and learn- and I have found that honesty with the boys is the best way. If they cannot believe me....who can they believe? If I tell them a lie about something then should they always believe me?? So far.....we are still on 3.....but have many loose ones still!!

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