Sunday, February 13, 2011

Marvelous Mondays

It seems as if Mondays are by far my biggest day to clean and organized from the weekend. Most people may dread cleaning up- but for me it is therapy some times. My husband is home most all weekend, and somewhat during the week. He does not have a 9-5 Job so we never know when we will be blessed to see him- but weekends are a given.....unless of course it is Fall....deer hunting season!!

Monday morning it looks as if a BOMB has exploded in the house. I am a stay at home mom, so you would think I have all week to clean up and sit around and eat bon bons- watch soaps!! Oh it is so glamorous.....once you spend a day in the life of a s@hm you may be more work than it is cut out to be.

Many of my friends ask me "Don't you get bored of just staying at home- not working?" OR like my husband who travels for his work A LOT...."I cannot sit in this house ALL DAY....I do not see how you do this??" So my friends and Family- This week I am going to give you a run down day to day of this week and let you know what I do.

Many moms may not have as much on their plate, many may have more.....but just to those who wonder about my bored moments.....

This week you will see why I love Monday mornings......and most Mondays- because we do stay at home and we do get to stay in PJ's all day!!!! Although this week was a little different we had to get dressed by noon for a quick doctor visit- then back cleaning will be set aside and pushed in where ever I can squeeze it!!

Each day this week- I will write down every moment of every day what we do where we go....and so on. I am anxious my self to see how it looks on paper- because I can tell you on foot, I am usually ready to CRASH by the end of every day.

I will try to have as many REAL LIFE PHOTOS as possible!!! Pictures are worth a thousand words!!

I also started a fast today of facebook and not to mention I started a little "diet" or actually I am counting points like weight watchers. It is just showing me more how I eat and what I eat. The Girl Scout Cookies that came in are my worst nightmare.....Samoas.....UGH need I say more!!

I have been working out at a local gym that works to my time and schedule being a stay at home mom with a husband who works odd hours. I have been going to a place much like this one.

I can tell a difference- but at the same time I wanted to eat better so my burning of calories would not be a loss......when I drive home drinking an Iced Mocha from McD's!!!! Hello- may as well not even work out. Make a huge difference when you write every thing down that you eat.......hmmm can be scary too!!

OK so starting tonight I will sit down and log my day for you to see tomorrow morning.....and the rest of the week and so on. Today has not been a "normal" Monday due to the doctor visit so- you never know what will change from day to day. We did have a good check up- I took the boys in for this cough they have had for a few weeks- he said it was just a little post nasal drip.

We have been blessed to avoid all sicknesses so far this season!!! Praying we stay well too!!

Looking forward to a day in the life this week- I hope you enjoy it!!


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