Monday, February 7, 2011

Party time!!

We had a BLAST at T's 5th birthday.... in August. I am so behind on blogging it is not even funny. I am having to write stories I remember to tell them later!!

We decided to have another fun in the sun party!!! It was a blast for the kids last year and no better way to cool off from the HOT days of Summer....than the big water slide!!!

Our cousins Big AG and Lil AG were serving drinking from the sand box.....chocolate or vanilla shakes!! Umm Yummy!! Are they not the cutest waitresses ever!!! B enjoyed a shake as they went around and served every one!!!

This year T wanted a Camo Hunting party his request for gifts.....rubber boots and work gloves!!! He is his daddy's boy!!! This year for BOTH boys birthdays we talked with them about giving to others- since my trip to Peru I visited a few orphanages and my heart has been heavy for those kids since I left. When I returned to look at all my kids have and all we take for granted I talked with them about taking donations for their birthday instead of gifts. T agreed and C is always just happy to be along for the ride!! So T was happy with his rubber boot and gloves and he collected over 400 dollars for the Orphanages in Peru and Africa through T.E.N. I was so blessed by the support from our family and friends!!
C enjoyed the card that Mimi and Bobo gave T!!! The shades were a party favor!! The chair a gift from aunt Lala..... C is one cool dude!!!
I love to decorate......even if it was a hunting frills and bows......but that's how we roll!!All T's friends got to come in out of the water slide and sing to him.......good memories!! Then instead of opening gifts- we had a video made of the past 5 years of T and tried to get lots of funny shots and family members in the video. It was fun to watch!! blowing out the candles.....
My very favorite part about a summer party......out door eating!!! Easy to clean up!!!!
The Hunter....looks like he is shooting the 5 from here!!
More out door eating!!!

The Birthday Boy!!!!
T is my firstborn and he is so special in his own ways- we have been blessed that he is extremely thoughtful and very caring for others. Unselfish in every way, and a very smart boy. He love Jesus and he loves his brother.....He wants to be just like his daddy when he grows up.....but yet still loves to sit in his mama's lap each and every morning when he wakes!! And I will rock him as long as he lets me!!
Love you T!!!! Mollie

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