Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Yet another project...

OK this week I got a head start- we were not supposed to be home until Late Monday night- My goal was Saturday to have this finished!! I am almost done!!

Yes, I have a HUGE problem.....taking pictures......These boxes are JUST PICTURES!!!

Mostly from 2005- to present~~ Although I have NOT developed ANY pictures since last December......Just kept them on disc.

You know when the first kid is born and you take 150 pictures of them A DAY- OF THEM DOING NOTHING BUT LAYING THERE!!!! Can you agree???

That is my problem- only thing is I use to stay on top of it and keep them organized- Now they are just in boxes- not scrapbooks!!

I am going on a retreat to scrapbook later this month- so I am getting things in order!!

I also am taking ALL of this and re-organizing it!! A friend of mine cut me a great deal on her tote and everything in it- Luckily she had a boy too- so all her stickers and scrapbook stuff just what I needed!!!

My GOAL is to get ALL this stuff into 2 of those BIG Black totes......
GOAL...... will only be reached if I get rid of a lot of stuff!!
No need to run to Hobby Lobby or Michael's before this retreat!! Although I am selling tons of stuff on EBay- mostly out dated or GIRL stuff!!! Wishful thinking when I was pregnant I guess- I bought a lot for our two nieces.....but do you REALLY NEED 500 stickers of girls stuff when you have 1500 of boys???

Next week I will focus on the house for the BIG 2 year old birthday party!! I sent the invites out- they turned out so cute. I ordered them off of eBay!! Do you see a

So this week I am busy as a bee trying to get all this sorted out.....gotta run I hear stickers, papers & die cuts calling to be put in an organizer!!

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