Thursday, December 17, 2009

Christmas came early

This year T & C really wanted a puppy for Christmas. Ever since we lost our Abby-dog in January, he has said " I wish we had a dog.... I miss Abby-dog" Here is T & Abby- great pals!!! She followed him EVERYWHERE- and he the same!!
So yesterday I traveled a little ways to get a FREE full blood Lab..... rare to find a free one!!

A sweet lady Mrs. H had 2 puppies left- I told her I would come back and get the other one if she didn't have a home by Sunday. Thank God he answered that prayer. I thought PLEASE GOD send someone to get that other puppy... I think I can only handle one- along with 2 growing boys!! Thank you Mrs. H for the sweet baby girl puppy- I am so glad the man came to get her sister!!!

My Friend Courtney saw the add in the paper..... Thanks Courtney & L!!!!
I as drove there & home I could not think of ANY NAME to name this sweet little sad eyed looking puppy!! I did know however- NO HUMAN NAMES!!!

When I took Abby to the vet once, they kept calling her MOLLIE- and me ABBY!!! There are a lot of dogs named Molly, I will give them that- probably not too many named Abby!!! So, not to confuse anyone we definitely wanted a DOG NAME!!!

I stopped by my friend Courtney's house on the way home- so they could see her. They asked what is her name? I laughed and said "Courtney??" Only right since she ended my long search for a FREE LAB!! I asked her if she had any nicknames?? She said "COCO!"

Sounds good to me- Cocoa it is....
I added a A not to be confused with COO-COO!!! Which might fit the family better!!

C told her this morning when we left and took T to school- as she whimpered and cried out the window of her crate- "It okay CoCoa... no worried we be wight back- be goo gurl!!"

This morning when T woke up he said "I had sweet dreams of me & Cocoa- when I grow up she is gonna ride with me everywhere in my truck- I am gonna be a policeman & raccoon hunter!!!

So far, the boys just LOVE HER!!! C can say her name perfectly, and T response was "I have wanted a DOG my WHOLE LIFE!!! I LOVE MY NEW DOG mama & daddy- Thank you so much!!" Man I love that kid-he is so funny he almost makes you cry!!!

I am sure you will see a lot more of Cocoa on here so stay tuned!!
I am on my way NOW- to take her to Show-N-Tell at T's school!!! He can't wait- he was super excited!!!

The only thing I forgot about..... Puppy = BABY.... she was up 3 times last night. I cannot complain though- I took her out and she went to the bathroom OUTSIDE all 3 times!!! Glad I got a girl that is SMART too!!!

I am so glad that we got a good little puppy for these boys to enjoy and have for a friend!!! We love her so much already!!


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Stacy said...

omg... i know they are so excited! such a pretty dog too!