Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Advent Conspiracy

This weekend at church our pastor spoke on Advent Conspiracy.... it was wonderful!!
I just want to share my thoughts and my way of thinking on Christmas.

It seems like so many people put so much into gifts and Santa that when the holidays are over.... there is an emptiness. I had a very close friend of mine come very close to death this year in her battle with cancer. I lost my grandmother to an illness. We lost our family pet of 6 years too. There have been those very few things this year for us that have been challenging.

If it were not for the LOVE that I have for God and his son Jesus who died on the cross for my sins & sickness.... I could not face another day. Jesus is the real reason for this season. I myself know that and have been brought up knowing that- but it is so easy to forget when you see the SALE rack at the local store and want that RUSH from all the hype about shopping.

The Scripture that says "do not be conformed to this world- but TRANSFORMED, by the renewing of your minds" (Romas 12:2) I have to daily remind myself. That is this what God wants for me or my family.

I can remember as a child pouting after Christmas morning when I opened my presents from my parents that were Roper boots that I had wanted.... only in BROWN not BLACK!!! WHAT a brat!!! If that would have been my kids today..... spanking & to your room- I will take them back to the store!! REALLY, I would - Did my parents, no they went and got grey... they were out of black. But, I didn't care I was a kid!! My dad worked hard for a living and I was always very appreciative- but I don't think I realized how hard he worked or how little they sacrificed for us, until I became an adult/parent!! Maybe if they would have made me go work at the Salvation Army food line on Christmas Eve- I would have seen what I had and be thankful for any boots on my feet!! Let alone Feet that work and are healthy enough to walk on!!

Already, I can see in T who is only 4- when he gets a toy or gift that he doesn't care for that much.... he looks at what C has with at look of intent and pouts with his little red lip out saying " I don't want mine- I want what he has!" Yes, this is what kids do- But I don't want my children to do it. WHERE Do you start?? How do you end this attitude that for years has gone on in so many people.

Here we live in a FREE country can do just about anything we want to if it is legal..... yet all we can do is complain about it is not enough. Do you think that Jesus thought about himself or others while he hung on the cross and and was beaten and spit on.... hmmmm..... yeah WE WERE the REASON that HE SUFFERED & DIED!!!

So, although I have almost all my Christmas shopping done. I did go and pick one more child off the angel tree at church. We are going to buy food for another family here in town. And my sister has mentioned this year sending money to a forgein country for a family to buy a chicken & some vegetables to eat- Instead drawing names and wasting time & money on something that you will have to stand 2 hours in line to return!!

We did in fact start last year after Christmas, I had T to clean out toys making room for all the new ones. Told him to pick 3 toys to give away to some kids who had NOTHING!!! He did not completely understand it..... told me he could give some of C's toys away "because his toys might not be age appropriate for little ones" Honestly, people I cannot make this stuff up- Have no clue where he gets it from!! FINALLY, he chose ONE Thomas the Train to give to the kids at our local homeless shelter- when he had to look around and see that they did not have anything!! He then wanted to give them more!!

Last year we also were given a Little People Natvity set from GiGi and the boys LOVED IT!! We have played with it all year long- it is good to talk about Jesus all year long, not just a Christmas too!! We had a Happy Birthday Party for him too- cake, candles & all!!

So remember this season is the that we should celebrate Jesus, buy giving ourselves and time for the ones who need it the most!! Take the time to share his word with those who have possibly never heard it. If it were not for the gift that Mary & Joseph received those many years ago in a stable in Bethlehem, we would not have the eternal life promised by him!!

This season we hope to:
Worship Fully
Spend Less
Give More
Mollie Moses


Kecia said...

Good word, Mollie--Amen! Now I need to put it into practice...

~Bekah said...

AMEN SISTA! I do not want shelby to be conformed to this world of materialism either but I know it'll happen. I want her to have the best but I can't help but want all the kids in the world to have the best too! I wish I could give them all what Shelby has. I did two Operation Cmas Child boxes for two little girls and it was all I could do to get the stuff in those tiny boxes. I wanted to get the biggest tub at walmart fill them to the top and ship! I don't think they should have a size limit! LOL... i tend to be very unrealistic at times! I am tryin my best to instill in shelby the love of Christ and the true reason of Christmas, even though I KNOW she doesn't understand. I just dont' want Christmas to be all about gifts and Santa, as good as those things may be. Yes we got her pic made w/ Santa and yes she'll probably have more gifts than any child in the world but I want this to be focused on Him and not those things. IT's tough though when you've got two sets of grandparents, two aunts, two uncles and a daddy who want to give Baby Shelby the world and a mommy who wants to give her and others the world! LOL.... it's tough but starting out this early i think is a good effort! love u lots!