Monday, December 28, 2009

All wrapped up!!

You know it seems like year from year it never gets easier or different- same old story!! MORE MORE MORE!!! Being the organized nerd that I am- it drives me nuts that all the new things or toys have NO proper home to reside. Therefore, throw them into the room & we will fix one for them later!!

Christmas this year was not much different than others- although there were a few things that really surprised me..... Lend me your eyes and read on and some of the pictures will tell the story......
Love that spending time with family means good times had for all- Did realize however, life is too short and there are people we should go and visit who can't come visit us as often as they would like. I had no clue that opening a Christmas card from Oklahoma with ONLY my Papaw's name would be so hard. This will be the first of many Christmas' with out Mamaw! That made me sad.

Did however learn that the Advent conspiracy could never have been more true!! When you see a bunch of grown adults open gifts- that they could have bought themselves and act surprised that "this is what the got" ALL the while there are kids and people in other countries at that same moment starving and doing without everyday conveniences- we take for granted!! I personally think what is wrong with getting together to eat and enjoy the kids with their gifts!!

It did not surprise me however when C licked the raw cookie dough that we were making cookies for Santa & then ate a carrot that was for the reindeer!! Although it did however surprise me that my 4 year old son asked after opening all the gifts we had for him & getting a Gator from Santa "Where are more gifts for me? Is this all I am getting?" Seeing that the floor was covered in wrapping paper and you couldn't take a step without harming a kids, toy or your foot!!

I just LOVE T's response in both pictures!!! Being the child who could do not wrong and is totally caught off guard when someone else does!!!

The Gator!!

The MESS!!!

Happy that in the midst of a broken heart from loosing a brand new puppy that a four year old boy T had said something he had "wanted his WHOLE LIFE!" Cocoa died only 5 days after we got her. But the Lord put Poppie in the right time and place for him to find out about another 5 week old puppy who needed a home!! Maizie made her appearance Christmas Eve coming all the way from Catoosa Oklahoma!! She is a WHITE LAB- and beautiful and healthy. I also did not think much made me cry, until I felt tears come to my eyes in the vets office when the thought of tell my kids that our puppy was gonna die!!! Then I lost it and days later they were filled with tears of JOY as they sat behind the lenses of my camera when I told T Maizie was a healthy puppy!! Poppie we are doing our BEST to take care of her- he is partial to her now, they bonded!!

Was SO VERY THANKFUL to my parents for giving my husband & I a "date night" those are few and far between. I appreciate that they don't mind watching them anytime that we ask- whether they like it or not.... it is only one night for them and a LOT without them!!! We went to go see an average movie- wasn't knock your socks off, and wasn't anything to write home about but it didn't matter. I had the best looking guy there sitting next to me enjoying watching me eat popcorn & laugh my CRAZY laugh and love me no matter what!! I love that man!!!

To top off our fun filled Holiday weekend of surprises the little boys, my mom, Maizie & I were going to drive back to Oklahoma yesterday to see Papaw and meet with a few friends. Then I would return Wednesday to meet LaLa my sis for Lunch in Texas!! Lots of traveling with many little ones planned. As we made a mad dash through the house packing bags and people trying to think of every last thing we would need- especially SNOW GEAR!!! Oklahoma received a White Christmas in case you live under a rock and didn't know that!! An hour after we got home from church we were pulling out of the driveway with two sleepy headed boys- thinking to myself....naps ahead!! Only to hear 5 miles down the road "MAMA C JUST THREW UP ON GEORGE!!" from T. To the side of the road we went- survived the damage- then back to the house...... thought it was car sickness??? Don't think it comes with fever though!!!

Therefore we are home and will stay for a few days until we are fever free!!! Holidays always seem to run me down and afterwards I feel so drained... so I am somewhat thankful that we stayed home and I DID get my tree down TODAY- funny how when you are potty training a puppy it only makes perfect sense to them to use the restroom under the ONLY green tree in the house!! She is learning to whine at the back door with her legs crossed!!

I will try all week to throw random pictures in here and there- when you take 250+ pictures at Christmas it is hard to choose the best ones to post on the blog!!!

How was your Christmas...... Did you get what you wanted??


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