Thursday, December 10, 2009

10 Things on the Tenth

This month thought I would do a list on things

I do like and things I dislike about Christmas and the season!!

10. Love to put up Christmas Decor (although since I have had 2 boys I don't put up near the stuff I use to- or do I get it all done the day after Thanksgiving)

9. Do Dislike having to take it all down so quickly- should be more like our friend Jill and put it up in November to appreciate it longer!!

8. Outdoor Christmas lights.... love to look at them..... don't like them on our house (that would be my job- and I would break my neck falling off the house!).....
dislike that people leave them on their house all year long- or on a mobile home
(visit the south you will see it)

7. Love all the FOOD, CANDY, SWEETS to EAT.... Dislike all the weight gained from the rolling holidays.. Oct.31- Jan.1st

6. Fruit Cake... 3 words- NO THANK YOU!!

5. Dirty Santa- the name says it all- a gift that cost 10 bucks only to be re-gifted or not liked!!Why not just eat and enjoy a game together??

4. Christmas sweaters or sweatshirts.... Have not seen ONE yet that doesn't flatter someone- I am guilty of wearing them in the past.... puffy paint and all!! Just have no clue how I fell under the radar of the Fashion Police!!

3. Love to Give- I am a Friday's child and I love nothing more than giving people gifts and doing things for them to make them happy & enjoy life!!

2. Shopping, Shopping, Shopping..... Love it, Love it, Love it...... Just not all the traffic & lines!!


Merry Christmas & May God Richly Bless You in the New Year to come!!



mer@lifeat7000feet said...

Well...I agree with you on most of these things Mollie. Just not the shopping. I don't like it at all!

I remember one particular mobile home that stayed decorated all year long...on that highway to Hope. You know what I'm talking about??? All that yard stuff??? That was "extra classy" at Christmas time?

Michelle @ Lemonade Life said...

So agree with you on the Christmas lights -- both on my house and on year-round. In seminary, some friends of mine kept lights on their house. We would love to sneak by when they weren't home and plug them in -- even in July. Fun times!