Sunday, December 13, 2009

Let the Celebration Begin....

Well. tis the season for lots of get together- and parties!! Lots of Food... and moving belt buckles & loops!! This last week I was so busy running around getting things together for our annual Christmas Party/ Play date with friends. Last year I told Crystal it is not fair- we don't work, I love to cook for the holidays- so I think we should have a "office party" for stay at home moms!!

Last year was the first with 13 moms ?? kids.... this year was a bigger hit- 16 moms & ??? kids!! I love it when we can all get together and just enjoy the food- fellowship. I have a house full of toys and we are all kicking toys & stepping over kids just to visit & eat...... so what is any different day around any other stay at home mom's house??

Each mom brought a finger food to share and then a plate of cookies to exchange & give away- we however play dirty Santa with that.... so fun stealing goodies from each other!!

Last week though I was so crazy everyday- I left the house and was gone ALMOST all day... til nap time at least!! So, we put the Christmas tree up on Tuesday night then decorated it Thursday night- nothing like last minute!!

I stayed up until 12:30am.... not unusual for me though- remember my husband is gone most nights so it is easier for me to pass out in the bed than lay in bed and listen to every LITTLE noise the house makes!! I had to finish up a few cleaning chores and "redo" some of the tree help.... OCD got the best of me.... nothing like a tree with 500 ornaments from the knee down and 2 on top!! Plus I just couldn't decide where or how the tree looked best- what do you think?? B LOVES the tree in the Dining room- so it doesn't block his new HD tv & ESPN!!!

I woke up at 6:00 am to get the day started, needed to start baking my food & set the table, things that you do you get myself & two kids ready. Tidy up all the loose ends- SO when I got myself dressed I thought I would just throw on some grey sweat socks and run around in them- then when company came.... I could slip on those comfy casual high heal shoes!!

HOWEVER, I forgot one thing..... towards the end of the party I looked down and to my surprise this is what I saw....... Luckily my jeans covered them up- but man I was flying low of the fashion police radar!!

Hope you all have very many great Christmas Parties!!!
Did you see For Better or Worse Cartoon on Sunday.... I LOVED IT!!! I really thought at the end her friend was gonna say... "I am single with no kids!!"

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Kecia said...

Your tree looks beautiful! I hate that I missed the party. But I'm so glad we've become friends. :)