Tuesday, December 22, 2009

It is the thought that counts!!

Look at this picture and tell me... WHAT DO THESE things have IN COMMON???

Now I will tell you- These are some VERY USEFUL things and very important things in our house. It all started almost 14 years ago when I met B- our first Christmas together I was so impressed that he bought me DIAMOND earrings!!! Then a week later for my birthday he bought me a GOLD bracelet!!! WOW I thought this guy LOVES ME!!! Then year after year he gave me beautiful blouses and jewelry... the list goes on and on!!

Then 3 years later when we got married I opened my presents that were so neatly wrapped (he paid someone to wrap them!) under the tree. I opened the first box..... an alarm clock..... I was speechless.... I thought Okay this much be leading up to a biggy..... maybe he is pulling a joke!!

Then I opened the next box...... a can opener..... Okay maybe this is a joke.... all along I kept smiling and saying "this is what I have always wanted!!" with a little giggle after wards!!

Then next box...... a cordless phone...... Keep in mind it was a very very nice one- with caller id!!

Then the next box..... a meat tenderizer...... WHAT THE HECK...... Santa must have thought I was a BAD COOK!!!!

He then looked at me and said in the softest sweetest voice and I will never forget it- "I cannot figure out you alarm clock- so I bought us a new one, and then the battery on the phone doesn't keep a charge, and I have NO CLUE how to use that can opener of yours- and your meat is not tender enough!!!" With all honesty and sincerity in his eyes and his voice- I just looked at him and thought poor guy, he loves me so much- HE just doesn't know how to shop!!!
A week went by and for my birthday he gave me a crock pot!!!! I kid you not!!! I thought to myself- SELF, ok we gotta end this now.... you have only been married 6 months.... tell him how you feel.
So we sat down and I told him how much I really- and I really did appreciate his gifts, don't get me wrong. Don't want to bite the hand that feeds me.... you know!! I just told him if he asks me what I would like I can give him some ideas.... and I can also do the same for him. I am very glad that he is such an honest person and I am too- but I feel communication is the key in any situation.
Then the TRUTH spilled out..... he told me when we dated He had NO CLUE what I was getting for my gift until I unwrapped it....... his MOM always did the shopping!!! It all made sense then!!! And let me tell you- she is a GOOD WOMAN- and an even better shopper!!!
While the beans were all spilling out I thought I would tell him one more thing- Our first Valentine's Day he gave me a card... that was so sweet and so perfectly worded..... but I never did tell him it had a picture of an African American couple kissing on the front.... and said mmmmmmmm.... I love you!!!! At the time I kinda thought to myself- he walked into the store swiped this off the shelf and bought it!!!
We laugh about our gift exchange EVERY Christmas..... never fails!!! I love him so much and I love that he loved me enough to be honest with me and give me things that were useful!!!
Let me tell you though- that boy has come a LONG WAY BABY!!! Here is what I got last year for Christmas & Birthday..... My favorite handmade Jewelry store!! HE IS GOOD...huh?!!!
I did however make a NOTE to SELF.... If we ever have boys I want them to learn how to SHOP!!! Luckily I think they already have it down.... since they are in the store once a week with me and go to the mall and every other store I can drag them too!!!
A good friend of mine Ginger who has two grown boys- has told me herself, "boys don't get the shopping thing- it doesn't come natural to them to buy and give to someone else- this is only taught!!!" How true this statement is and I would have never thought so- If it didn't happen to me!!
We went on a family shopping trip the other day to FINISH all the shopping!! I told B- we need to buy something for US from the boys.... he looked at me and said "do what??" I explained that we could just get a little something and just so they can help wrap it and see the JOY on our faces and feel the JOY in his heart at the same time. Teaching it is better to give than to receive!!
So B found a camo face cover he NEEDED.... and I just found some PJ's. We each a separate times took T to the side and told him- "hey let's get this for daddy/mama and it can be for Christmas from you & C!" T then covered his mouth and giggled..... "okay"
As we were walking through the store on the way to the check out he was hiding behind me..... I pulled him OFF my leg and I asked "what are you doing- what is wrong??" He then whispered to me " I am NOT good at keeping secrets and I don't think I can keep a surprise!!" Gotta love a kid who is honest!!! I knelt down beside his little tall body and said "You must keep a secret- it is only for a few days and if you don't then daddy won't be surprised and it won't make you feel happy!" I stood up and said "Daddy, don't you try to guess what T got you for Christmas- because he is gonna keep it a secret!!" B then asked... "what did you get me T?" T responded " I am not gonna tell- I am gonna keep a secret!!"
So far, he hasn't told- I think he forgot......
Here is a secret- We are getting a Replacement PUPPY for the one that just died.... bless her heart!!! Poppie is bringing a WHITE LAB from Oklahoma on Christmas Eve..... shhhh don't tell!!!
A special Thanks, to all for prayers for the boys in the loss of our puppy- but mostly friends like Jill & Tiffany who have sent SOS messages out to try to help us get another puppy in time for Christmas!!! We appreciate friend who show their love for us & the boys!!!


Kecia said...

Oh, that's so funny! I write all my gift-wishes down very specifically and give them to Mike.
And trust me, I do not have to teach my 3 girls to shop--especially for themselves...

Anonymous said...

Love the entire post!! Tiffany