Thursday, December 31, 2009


Well, yesterday was my 32nd Birthday. It was great!! Honestly, I have never had a problem celebrating birthdays. They don't bother me I guess I try to be positive and think it is a lot better than the alternative!!

In fact I felt a little young, waking up- I was washing my face..... low and behold a PIMPLE!!! Right there on my chin- that will make you feel young, especially since my face is so dry and they are very rare for me!!

However I am typing this post on my NEW LAPTOP- from the comfort of my couch in my living room!! I JUST LOVE IT!!!

My boys, B mostly gave me this Toshiba Laptop for my birthday- and let me tell you this.... he has saved his birthday money & Christmas money to spend on me for my gift. Something I have wanted for so long- especially since I started the blog!!

He is so sweet & thoughtful, I am so thankful God has brought him into my life and we can grow old together!! He has definitely come a long way especially since his Meat Tenderizer days!!

The reason I have MOSTLY wanted a laptop is, our home computer is NOT in our house. We keep it in the office which is connected to the house by a sidewalk and in a different building. I have only 1-2 hours of computer time use each day. Honestly, that is okay with me. Only it is nap time or bed time for the kids. When B is gone away to work at night time- I don't like to be away or OUT of the house from the kids. Even if they are sleeping & I do have a baby monitor and know exactly every breath they breathe. I am scared of the dark night & walking outside at night is kinda creepy too!! Just kidding- but it is a little creepy!!

I honestly am making a resolution this year to limit computer or "gadget" time. So, this is a temptation for sure. But, I am enjoying it so far.

My sister & Lil' AG ate lunch with us and we went to the store to check out laptops. She is more computer savvy than myself- so she knew what I was getting. Also, she is quite the wheeler dealer too!! After much negotiation we got a deal and is was the BEST BUY we could find!!

Thanks LaLa for Lunch and my Laptop cooling lap pad thingy!!! Love you!! Thanks also to our parents for the birthday money.... and Cole for the gift card to Stage!! Love all of you!!!

Thanks to all who wished me a Happy Birthday- It was wonderful and I look forward to many many more!!

Have a Happy NEW YEAR!!!


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Kecia said...

Happy belated Birthday! I don't mind birthdays either, but it kills me that I'm TEN years older than you!!! I don't feel it...
Loved your Christmas picturs. :)