Tuesday, December 22, 2009

My Boys

The other day we had a friend of mine to come and take our pictures of the boys.... here they are I am so super thrilled with them!!!
The only thing I noticed was....... WHAT HAPPENED TO MY LITTLE BOYS???!!!!!!

They look so grown up and SO BIG!!! I know C has grown a lot this year but may goodness you never do see it until you look back and see pictures!!!

Stacy is so talented you can check out her blog here!!

Hope you all have a Wonderful Christmas Eve!!!
Charlie & Jill came over last night and gave the boys Guitars..... maybe by tomorrow they can get a gig going...... so far they just rock around the Christmas Tree!!! Thanks C & J!!
By the Way.... theses pics were in their backyard!!

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Stacy said...

aw!! they were so fun to photograph!!