Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Highlights from Christmas...

Some highlights from Christmas & some of my favorites moments or pictures!!
C with his "Pirates who don't do anything" Veggie tales movie!! He LOVES those vegetables!! He says "ARRR MATIE" so stinkin' cute it makes us laugh every time he sees a pirate- or skeleton!!

BoBo reading the Christmas Story from his NEW BOOK from an old friend who he loves!!

HANNAH MONTANA!!!!! She came in person and sang to us...... with her backup singers too!!!

T's Anatomy Body.... the four year old picks THIS out of a whole catalog of TOYS!!! He loves Doctor stuff..... so Grana made him a Dr. Jacket!!!! He then took us into his room one at a time and called us by our name and laid us down on the bed for a "checkup" We better start saving NOW for med school!!!

And then to watch MiMi and Grana take 3 hours to put the WHOLE BODY back together again!! I kid you NOT..... the little BODY man will NOT be back out of the body for awhile. The age on the box said 10..... but that is what he wanted!!! They did a good job though- don't cha think? I joked and said I was gonna drop him as soon as they got all his pieces back into the right way!!
Making fun of Grana & her snuggie wrap thing..... until we woke up in the dark & cold on Christmas Morning- to NO ELECTRICITY!!!!! Wish we all had one to wrap up with!!
Thank you to all the Entergy Workers who drove out here to get us back up and running...... I started to think Santa must have thought we were so bad- he turned out the lights..... Poppie said "his sleigh snagged a pole on the way back to the North Pole!"

MAIZIE of Course!!! The new girl in the family from Oklahoma.... we both know we are the reason God made Oklahoma.... me & the Dog...... we have become buddies!!!

THE GATOR that Santa tricked T with and he almost cried when he said " I really wanted one that I could ride in- a BIG ONE!!!" Then I said maybe it is outside and it couldn't fit in the door!!! That was the fastest I have ever seen that little boy get dressed!!! Coat, hat & all!!

We still have ONE more exchange with the Texas Clan.... hoping to go see Uncle J coach his b-ball team in Texas on Saturday and get together then!!

Just a few highlights- What was your favorite time this holiday season??


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