Monday, December 21, 2009

Sad day....

Well, today is a sad day at our house. Our new little puppy Cocoa has been sick and we have made 3 trips to the vet since we have had her. Come to find out she had a intestine problem and she had to be put down.

She had a upset stomach and didn't feel good since we have had her- she really was sweet and quiet. Already house trained too. But, honestly she never chased a ball or would play with us- just laid around and slept.

T is probably the saddest- I did shed tears at the vet. Love ya Dr Hayes & staff, you are great. They totally feel sad for us- you can tell. They have been on the road with us and Abby dog and her rehabilitation from her mishap with the road & a car!! They are WONDERFUL PEOPLE!!

I just told T & C we need a healthy puppy and one who will run & play with us. T cried so hard I felt so bad.... but we are on the search again for a HEALTHY DOG- Honestly I don't know if I want a PUPPY..... I forgot about those up in the middle of the night every two hours..... It has been a long weekend.

I know God will comfort us and our broken hearts- and Abby & Cocoa are in Doggy heaven running and playing together with their new bodies.... that is what I told the boys!!


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~Bekah said...

aww poor boys... so i guess now they really do want a puppy/dog for christmas? :(