Monday, December 14, 2009

Christmas Parade

Here are a few pictures of the Boys at the Local Christmas Parade..... Next time I will try to get in a better spot- too much editing on "our location" I had no clue every thing in the Parade would have our towns name on it- or all the buildings in the back ground!! Let alone ALL the people I would have to ask their permission to put their picture on my blog.... Ugh- I am sure Santa would not mind though!!

I did however get some good pics of the boys enjoying it!!
How long are you parades... this one was only about 20 of those blink and you miss it parades!! Not bad when it is 40 degrees. I don't see how Mer does it in Colorado... Tough people in that cold weather!!

I was glad our daddy made it in... just as we were leaving to watch it- so we made it a night and ate out too!! I was sad that Crystal & her boys were sick and could not come- First time in 3 years that we did not get to go to the parade together!!

Last week on my Advent Conspiracy story I forgot to put the link for my sister & the foreign country mission that we are helping out with this year... give it a look by clicking here!



Kecia said...

I absolutely LOVE our parade. And the lighting and carols afterward. I didn't even mind the cold too much; it just made it feel more like Christmas to me. :)

Alexandra said...

oh so cute!! they look like they had fun!