Tuesday, July 14, 2009

rolls+ hand stands+ bear walks= Gymnastics

Last week we had a FUN time at Gymnastics...or Gymnasnics as T liked to call it. It was so crazy and when you are use to a routine and schedule like me & our children. It blows everything out of order when you throw a new thing in!
Gymnastics was right in the middle of C's 2 hour daily nap. So I tried to move his nap up then he was so upset he would cry for an hour then sleep- then I would wake him up to throw him in the car to arrive at the gym on time!!! It was only a week- I kept telling myself everyday.
Turned out to be a fun week for T and I was excited to see all he had learned. I wanted to him to try this summer- so if he liked it he could go to a fall class, so after MUCH talking to B about it- we got the go ahead. I think it will help him in his balance & coordination, he lacks a little- possibly from my gens on my family's side.....we are so graceful!!!

It was worth it T loved it!!! I really had to talk B into letting him of course....he is one of those dads who is against all activities accept football, baseball & basketball!!! hahaha not really but really close!!

The first night after class he could do a hand stand....spotted of course. I could not believe it!! His very favorite thing to do was the 'bear crawl', he loves to pretend to be a bear- or make his brother be one so he can pretend to shot him. So that did not surprise me.

He did a pretty good cartwheel. The teacher probably got a hernia trying to help him though, he does weigh almost a hefty 50 lbs. not bad for almost 4? ( I have no clue why I cannot turn my pics the right way....just look upside down....they are right on my computer?? sorry??) The pulling on his shorts cracked me up...you know how little girls pull there dresses up when they get shy or nervous...guess it was rubbing off???

Then his balance beam...that was his favorite the second day. The teacher said "look into my eyes and hold your arms out" Poor teacher he kept making this noise with his lips poked out- I am probably for sure she got a shower with that walk on the beam!!

Then there's the back bend....it came with unusually noises......"UGH...UGH.....MY BACK!!!" Cracked me up. Poor kid he did not take after his flexible mother- I did gymnastics until I was 15. I could do any thing pretty flexible...not now of course!! I think he is more stiff like his daddy!! But my husband is a very talented athlete...just never gymnastics!!

I love the FEET in the air in this picture.....

Then there's the back ward's roll....he loved that too!! He already can do a pretty good front roll...learned that from cousin Lil' A.G. she is pretty good at that- that is where he learned his dance moves from too!!!

Here is his wonderful hand stand....he did good and you can tell he liked it due to the large grin afterwards!! He really did great at all the different things- he definitely slept better last week- can't say much for any other children in the household??

He really had a good time- I was totally impressed with how much he learned, in such a short amount of time- 4 days @ l hour a day!!

I might enroll him in the fall for some private lessons- boys only class.....request from the father! B looked through the pictures and said "you lied to me- I thought you said it was a boys only class?" "That is next fall" I replied quickly- as I slipped off to the other room!

Thanks Mrs T for a great class he REALLY had a BLAST!!!

Well, the summer is almost over and no more swim, gym, or vbs classes. Seems like yesterday and it was just the beginning of summer and I looked at our busy summer. The most fun about the end of summer is that T's birthday is the 5th of August.

(Again sorry about all the sideways pictures??? My computer messed them up and I tried to fix them- I apologize for any sore necks while reading!!)


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Cute blog. Didn't know this was your blog had seen the title on Bekah's. I am trying to start one not real good at it yet. Still Trying to figure it out.