Monday, July 20, 2009

Laugh through the week on this one...

This is our cowboydee he puts any hat on and says "I am cowboydee" instead of saying "yee Haw" he prefers to say "aha ha ha" He cracks us up!! This is a HUGE wooden rocking horse that Mr. Hughey made for T when he was 2. They boys love to play on it and pretend to be cowboys!!

Once again I have a video today- I am taking a blogging break. I have 2 rooms in my house that need improvement. I am painting our bedroom & the boys bathroom. My goal it July 31st. T's birthday party is the 1st of August. I always love to do last minute projects- that way they will get done!!! I will be back the 4th of August- C is having surgery on his ears the 3rd- remember to pray for him.

I might randomly put a picture up or two or the progress- or maybe not??? I just need to focus on those things right now- I will have plenty to post after his party for sure!!!

Enjoy the laughs!!


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