Thursday, July 16, 2009


Okay have you ever eaten words?? In our house....T is the MEMORY BOX!!! He NEVER EVER forgets ANYTHING??? I have a great memory- B has a good memory, so I guess with the 2 combined his is WONDERFUL!! It will come in handy when he is in school I hope, he will be a good student if he puts it to good use!!

Well, last February we went to the circus at the Tulsa fairgrounds. As you turn to go to the fairgrounds there are these HUGE colorful slides...Big Splash water park. He was so excited- he thought that was where we were going....HELLO....It was 20 degrees outside!! I told him no, that is for summer time- maybe sometime we can go there in the summer time. BITE....SWALLOW!!!

Fast forward to 4 months later....
He has a calender in his room with his best friend & him in all the pictures. I turned it to June- there is a picture of him & his buddy playing in the pool last summer, he started jumping up and down screaming " is SUMMER we get to go to Big Splash in Oklehoma!!!" I replied " what are you talking about?" He looked at me like I was by far the dumbest human being on the face of the Earth " You told me when it was summer we can go to the BIG SLIDE!!!"

As I picked my jaw up off the floor- I thought how in the heck did he remember this??

So, the last time we were in Oklahoma it was not open yet, that was in the spring. We will not be going back until Thanksgiving. Due to birthday parties, my parents and I promised when I got married and moved off- we would NEVER go a month without seeing each other.....10 years later.....the longest we have ever gone was 8 weeks!! Promise is a Promise in my book!!
This trip was already jam packed-- Family Reunion, visit grandparents, but like I said....Promise is a Promise!!
We arrived with the smell of chlorine in the air at the water park with only 1 hour and a half left to be $15.00 a POP!!! Even C I had to pay for my swimmer diaper wearing kid too!!! He is ONE people....You should be paying ME!!!
Well, when we got there we paused at the entrance and had a meeting....deciding whether we should pay that much for such a little person & little time????? Then B said "Well, we have to go because I cannot let T down- I don't care how much it cost!! Plus, I don't want to break a promise him and let him down!!" The tribal master has we walked up I handed the tan kid my money and we entered the park. Leaving all the others to decide....then a few minutes later the squeaked into the park behind us.
Once we were in we changed like mad people trying to win a contest. Mall walked to the nearest pool and said "OK T here we are....we are at Big Splash isn't it great!!" He said as his head was spinning like an owl " Now where is that SLIDE??"
Well of course you must be this tall and not weight this much to ride everything!! Of course this trucker family likes to abide by the scales....usually!! So after T and Lil' A.G. stood on their tippy toes and the daddy's sucked in their stomachs....they proceeded to the LONG line.......moments later there was a BIG Daddy sliding down then there would be this little tiny person sliding down to the 9 feet deep pool.....with daddy there to catch them!! While Grana & Poppie camped out at the kiddy pool with C.
T got out of the pool and said "Man that was fun let's do it again!!!" Then I looked at B as he was gasping for breath....."It is your he pointed to me!!" Apparently it is so deep that my nearly 7 foot tall husband did not even touch the bottom when he came down into the water then had to turn around catch his breath and tread water waiting for T to hit then carry T over to the side as he finally got to touch the side of the pool. B later told me " I can swim to save my life...but I am NOT a swimmer!!" I just laughed and said "Well, I am glad that I no one drowned! Thanks for telling me that NOW!!"
Afterwards we went to the lazy river....I tumbled in to the wild river and turned over as soon as I tried to sit into my raft.....Glad there was no camera around......I came up pointing fingers though......looked at B and said " You kicked me over!!!" The tan kid who was working - I thought he was gonna pee his red lifeguard pants!!! B was laughing so hard no to mention T was cracking up too!!
We decided to go- me first then T and B would follow it up- I was so nervous for my little baby. He was so excited but I was thinking what if he got away from us?? So as soon as we started down they wait and push you down separately. So here goes big mama- yet again it dumped over at the first spillway!! Needless to say I have a few bruises from that river....Lazy my hiney!! But once again as soon as we got out- T was laughing and saying "let's do it again that was FUN!!"
They started to close the slides and just left the pool open for the last 15 minutes. So we just swam and let the kids jump in. As we were leaving the park I asked my parents why they decided to go?? My dad said "Well, we wanted to see the kids swim and have fun!"
Here is my thought....We only had an hour and a half- we will never get that hour and a half back- did we spend it wisely?? Even though we lost and arm and a leg to enter the park we came out with belly laughs and fun memories to last a life time!! Plus a kid who got to slide down a slide!!
Honestly, I had fun because I was with the people I love and spent time laughing with them over silly stuff!! That my friend is PRICELESS!!

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