Monday, July 6, 2009

Pray for Kate

I am dedicating this blog today, to Kate. I have never met her, and do not know her family.
She has touched my heart with her beautiful blue eyes and precious smile.
She has a cancerous brain tumor, they have operated and I wish her the best in Life.
There are many prayers going up for her. I would like my blog to make that even more prayers for her, her healing, & her family!
Today C was going to have surgery on his ears for tubes. I have rescheduled due to a cold/cough he came down with last week. I pray he gets better. But, when you think of putting of tubes due to a simple is that compared to a 5 year old child with cancer.
I cannot Imagine what her parents and family are going through. You can follow her story here.
Thank you for lifting her up today!

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