Thursday, July 9, 2009

10 things on the 10th

10 things....
The idea comes from my friend Mer over at here.
On July 30th we will celebrate our 10th Wedding Anniversary!!

Thought these 10 things can be about some stories about the last ten years and some memories why I LOVE my man so much!!
1. 1999- When I got married to B I thought we would spend more time together?? The day we got home from our 4 day honeymoon- he left and did not come back for 3 days (he drives a truck).....we had NO home phone, cell phone, t.v., computer.....nothing- I went from a city of 250,000. people to a town of 1,000. I thought I had made the biggest mistake of my life??? Turns out it was the BEST thing I have ever done.

2. Love that he sends me flowers, leaves me notes and random stuff for me not any particular reason or special time of the year. He once left me a note with some flowers- Proverbs 18:22-
This year for our "dating" anniversary- 13 years. He decided we needed a weekend away- he told me book at hotel in this city- and I'll take care of the rest.....I told him "waffle house doesn't take reservation's!!" That is just how we work- total sarcasm all the time. Anyway, he got reservation's at this wonderful restaurant that over looks the lake, candlelight dinner, and live music- I LOVED IT- Did he??? Yes, because I was there- but he really doesn't like anything like that at all- live music, candlelight dinner, romantic stuff!! He did it because that is what I like and that is what marriage is....give & take....more GIVE though!!!

3. Love his HONESTY- Like when I cook something, he does not like here is how he responds....."hey thank you for fixing supper- but, I am gonna eat this- and then don't ever fix it again- I don't care for it!" It NEVER bothers me for him to say that, I usually agree with him!! But a soft response turns away rath!!! He is so thoughtful of my feelings.

4. He is such a hard worker and I NEVER have ever had to tell him "go to work- go get a job" I am so fortunate that he works so hard for me and the boys, and I get to stay at home to take care of the boys. He has driven over a million miles in the ten years since we have been married.
5. TRUST- I can trust him FULLY, I totally take his word on every thing- even all those millions of miles and hours he spends away from home- I never ever have to worry about our relationship. I know he will always be faithful and he knows the same for me....being at home by myself.

6. Laughter....We will laugh until we cry sometimes. It might be about something that happened 14 years ago, or right then. The other day we had a HUGE fight about nothing!! Then when we kinda got quiet he said "why did I marry you?" I responded " I have NO IDEA!!!" Then he grabbed my arm and said "because I Love you more than anything in the world and could not make it a day without you!!" Then we just started laughing.

Last week I thought I was gonna snap....I had given 5 paddles before noon!! I told the boys I needed to go outside- DON'T open the door, stay in here. I was about on the edge of tears, I called him....of course he was 100's of miles away. I told him "please calm me down.....I am gonna blow and kill theses kids!!!" His response was " STEP AWAY FROM THE GUN CABINET!!!" My stress just melted away. Then he prayed I would have a better day and for the boys to be better.
7. 2005-Welcomed into this world our First Born Child- T just a week after we celebrated our anniversary. He sat by my bed- both trips to the hospital, I was in labor for 3 days!! We went to the hospital spent the night, they sent us home, we went back within 12 hours, then another 12 hours later...8 lbs. 7 oz. Boy!! B sat by my side and held my hand the whole was through- he was great!!

8. He is a GREAT DADDY!!! He loves the boys more than life itself. When he comes in the door- he might be so tired he can hardly walk, be he picks those little boys up and hugs them. Goes to their rooms and wrestles, plays and sometimes just reads them books. The love is definitely mutual- but seeing his love for them and him play with them- Makes me fall in love with him all over again! The time he spends with them is quality time and I think that is more important than anything- they will always remember those moments.

9. 2007- Welcomed our Second Baby into the world- C our little red head, born the day before my sister's birthday! Just like the birth of #1 he never left my side, only this time it was different. I was induced- within 10 hours of checking in to the hospital C was born!! I checked in at 8 pm though, so I tried to sleep and B was over there sucking in the curtains- the nurse and I laughed all night long!! Then at 4 a.m. I clapped my hands and said "get up it is show time- I need you!!" He leaped from the extremely small fold out chair and jumped up to my side- only then to say " hey I need my contacts in for this!!" Then a little before 7 am another 8 lb 13 oz Boy!! This is by far my favorite picture STILL!!! The joy in my boys faces!!!
10. GOD- Well, I cannot make a list with out leaving out the MOST important key reason we have made it 10 years!! If is was not for God we would not be here. We go to church each week together, pray together, and have even done bible studies together. We teach the boys through our life and use God's word as examples of everyday, you could not make it without God. HE is the one we give credit to. He brought us together and keeps us together.

If it weren't for God this city girl from Oklahoma would have never ended up with this country boy from Arkansas!!!



Kecia said...

Awww...that's precious. Happy Anniversary!

Whitney said...

TOO SWEET! I was just thinking could I come up with 10 things to say about chris and I? Well may have to give it a shot today. That would really impress him!

Gretchen said...

Happy Anniversary, Mollie. Your gratitude spills across the screen beautifully. What a lovely family you and your hubs have made together. And yes, I think the key to our marriage is found in a sense of humor, for sure! :)

Amber said...

Hey, Mollie!
Happy Anniversary!!

I'm here via Mer, and thought I would pop in to say that I love your list!!! All those things are so amazing, and shows that you guys have an amazing relationship!!

Nice tahmeetcha!

Anonymous said...

Here from Mer's linky party - A beautiful testament to an obviously great guy.

Jackie @ Our Moments Our Memories said...

Mollie, you are hilarious! I love the sarcastic but loving way you and your hubby interact - awesome.

And I really like the way he responds when you cook something he's not crazy about. I started a rating system with my hubby - when I cook something new he gives it however many stars he thinks it deserves. He never complains, but I can tell by how many stars it gets if I should ever make it again. :)

Your boys are just so precious. And congrats (a little early) on your Anniversary!

mer@lifeat7000feet said...

This was so sweet, Mollie! Happy Anniversary!