Thursday, July 30, 2009

a look back...... 10 years

July 30, 1999

On this very day 10 years ago - A very HOT (100 degrees) July evening in Oklahoma as the sun was setting. And everyone was sweating! (You know how girls dream about their weddings- I always wanted one outside- just did not know it would be JULY!!)
I said the most important words in my life!! I told my husband I would marry him for better or worse, sickness & in health, richer & poor and he said the same.
Well, it has been ten years now- and I can say we have been through those ALL!! We are TRULY Best Friends!! We laugh, we cry, we fight, we make up- but through it all we have NEVER EVER gone to bed mad at each other nor have we left each other to go anywhere with out be on good terms and telling the other "I Love You!" Some times it takes staying up until 3 am to settle a conversation- but if that is what it takes- so be it!!

When we exchanged vows those many years ago. Our pastor told us to look at the audience and remember all those people- they are witnesses to our love and vows to each other. If we were to have any problems- they needed to do their part to help us remember this day and how important theses vows are! I can say that some people have passed away now, others we don't see that much and some we have not talked to since that day. But, we have never forgotten how important those special words are.

He then talked about our rings and how they are an unending circle- just as our love for each other and our love for the Father is. One thing is for sure- God has always been in the middle of our marriage. We pray together at any moment- and daily at the end of the day with each other. It might be 1,000 miles apart- but we are still connected through prayer!

This has been by far the best decision of my Life- and I cannot go without giving the Lord Glory, Honor & Praise for this special Man that he has brought to me!! May we have many many many more happy days and years ahead of us together!!


OK Whitney here you go- these are the pictures you have waited on. My Bridesmaid dresses- UGH!! My mother made them at my request- they were gonna be broom stick skirts- I have no clue what I was thinking the "country theme" was totally our of control for this city girl? Needless to say my husband only gave 8 WEEKS from engagement to the wedding date!! We dated for 3 + years I have NO CLUE why he was in such a rush?? Anyway, my mom made the flower girls dresses too- and most importantly MINE!! She did a wonderful job!! Luckily both bridesmaids were our sisters- so they have to still talk to me!!
The picture quality is not great on all the photos because C has decide to major in engineering- so he has punched so many buttons on my printer/scanner that it no longer scans- so I took a picture of the picture...if that is not confusing???
Actually the faces of the people have been blurred to protect the innocent!!


Ginger said...

Congrats!! I love reading your blog. You always make me laugh!

Kecia said...

Happy Anniversary!

Whitney said...

Will have to say those dresses where pretty BAD! LOL

Happy Anniversary, Have fun on the cruise!

kwallocha said...

Happy Anniversary, again. Love the pictures.