Monday, July 13, 2009

Good Memories & Great Time

Yesterday we got to visit with my Mamaw in Person for her 84th Birthday. We went to Oklahoma this weekend- had a Great time!! She is such a sweet lady- great cook- great house keeper- great decorator. She and Papaw got married when she was 16 so she been a homemaker since then. Raised 3 boys and has 6 grandchildren & 10 great-grandchildren. In November they will celebrate their 68th wedding anniversary!!
By far she us to fix the BEST Fried Chicken ever. She is unable to cook now. But when she did cook- it was always GREAT!!
Mamaw had 11 brothers & sisters, we had a small reunion of them on Saturday. There are only 5 living now. Since I live 6 hours away I don't always get to visit people in person for there birthdays. I am so glad that we got the opportunity to visit with her and Papaw.

They are so special to me, they are my last living grandparents. They have lived at this house since 1977- the year I was born. I have such great memories and thoughts of this place & them.

When we went to visit out at my Mamaw & Papaw's house yesterday I took many pictures of memories I don't ever want to forget. You know T always asks us at bed time to tell stories when we were little. Seems like the stories are running out- pictures help to bring memories back.

When we leave Mamaw & Papaw always stand in the garage and way until you are out of sight. Mamaw was unable to come outside yesterday- it was too hot! But, I am glad I did catch this memory on film.

Do you have special childhood memories you NEVER want to forget??

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