Wednesday, July 1, 2009

catch up from weekend....

Once again we had a fun filled packed weekend.
I am just getting around to getting pictures on here.

First and MOST Importantly MAMA GOT A BREAK!!!

I always hate using that word "break" because it sounds terrible!! But after last Friday in the grocery store (see Mondays post)- I needed something?? Before I BROKE apart!!

My Friend Crystal and I went on a Ladies Night Out. We ate at Olive Garden....were else you know that is my very most favorite place in the world to eat!!
Then we were gonna go to Home Depot (yeah, I know we are wild and crazy mama's) They were closed so we went to Books A Million. Apparently we BOTH needed it more than we knew. It is always refreshing to go out with a friend and have adult conversation. I had a GREAT time and was in GREAT company!

Then Saturday Morning we went to this little guys 4th Birthday. He had a spider-man party at a bounce around place with all kinds of things to bounce and run and play in.......PERFECT for a bunch of little Boys!!!
T was so impressed with his present....a guitar with a spider man strap!!

T had lots of fun, C was not to for sure once he got stuck inside one of the bouncers. He just stuck with me after that. We did get to see a lot of friends we had not seen in awhile.

Then off to see cousin Big A.G. and aunt Cole. A.G. got a BIG water slide and wanted the boys to come and play with her. T had a blast....think it was kinda scary for C- he wanted nothing to do but just walk around the carport and pick up sticks. He did sweep the carport at one point.....sorry aunt Cole for any dents in your hood!!

Then A.G. got to spend the night at our house. I was so exhausted I took very few pics.....
After all that- plus since I was out until 11:30 the night before- I was spent!!

Needless to say they did pass out at bed time. You can tell I had to tell T to close his eyes in this picture- he was almost asleep. B loves this time of day.....he loves to sleep.....because he gets NONE during the week.
This weekend will be no different. We are having a get together at out house with family and friends for the 4th. My Parents will stay the weekend. C is having surgery on his ears at Children's Hospital on Monday morning. I appreciate your prayers for him.

What do you have planned for the 4th??


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