Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Fun on the 4th

We had a GREAT time with Family & Friends on the 4th. The night of the 3rd we went to watch fireworks. We just drove to town parked in a parking lot and watched from a far.

Our town does a small firework show, we just don't feel like fighting crowds in 100 degree weather. Plus, we were at home waiting on the arrival of Poppie, Grana, Uncle J, Lala & Cousin Lil' A.G.!!

I bought the kids glow sticks and flags for celebration!! Then at school this week T made a shaker. So he was prepared with ALL of his celebration 'things' He said "mama take my picture with my glow stick......shaker......American flag." Then as soon as I did he said "OK that is enough pictures, I am tired!"

Nothing is better than hearing Lil' A.G. recite the Pledge of Allegiance........" I pedge legence to the fag of the nited states of merica to the public for which it tands Lizbeth and jussice for all!" Then T breaks out in "MY Country tis of the sweet land of Liberty of thee I see" Oh the tears were flowing. The were cracking us up!!

Then the morning of the 4th we woke up early and the kids wanted to swim and play outside. We started outside at 9:00 a.m. and came in about 9:00 p.m. It was one long day.

Got this cute little cheap pool at a local store......aired up the slide that came with it........POP!!! Too much air from the air compressor- we made due with another slide.

My sis and I filled some water balloons, that was a lot of work for a little pleasure. The kids loved it though. I told the dads- lets just play a little game, you know throw a few balloons at the kids....be nice!!! Then it turned into a free for all......it was craziness.......My sister hit B right upside the head......well he thought it was me???? Then ALL heck broke loose- he started to pelt me with water balloons......I did not even know what hit me........my sweet innocent sister was just cracking up, then when all the balloons were gone and the kids were crying, adults were all panting for breath and laughing so hard we could not talk!!! The Truth came out- My sis said " B that was ME who hit your head" We all started laughing mid all the tears flowing out of our children's eyes......we want more balloons.....we did not get to throw hardly any!!! B then came over and said to me "Oh I thought that was you.....I should have known you can't hit the Brod side of a barn!!"

Are those not the cutest kids in the world???

Then on to the food......and boy was there food........chicken wings, deer steak wrapped in bacon, burgers, and all the fixin's !!! Okay you know you have enough food when your brother-in-law tells you, " the last time I was this full was at an all you can eat buffet in Las Vegas!" I ROCK!!

The kids were so cute they all were starving I guess, they sat at there little tables and NEVER moved.....ate like a bunch of little piggys too!!!

We celebrated our 10th Wedding Anniversary along with the 4th. Are actual anniversary is not until the 30th of July- we don't get together that much, so got to take advantage!!

We laughed until we cried watching our wedding video- You know I look back on 10 years ago.....I was SO upset when the video that I paid the guy to do turned out HORRIBLE!!!! NO JOKE!!! Now we just laugh at the crazy thing! You NEVER see my mom walking down the isle, not because she is only 5'3" but because you see the EARS of a GROOMSMAN!!! And then there's me of course.....being walked down the isle by my father, as I was choking back tears........viewed through the ARM PIT of the PREACHER!!!! Glad it was not smelivision!!! Because it was a blistering 105 degrees in July.....outdoor wedding. We all laughed at the stories about peeling off panty hose and sweat dripping off the face of my handsome groom!!

One thang' is Fooosure.....My Bridesmaid dresses.....can you say........UGLAY!!! It is a GOOD thing that they are both of our sisters....they have no choice....they still must talk to me!!! What was I thinking???? Long Sleeves Dressess in JULY HEAT???? Oh that is right- I was trying to make them both look bad, so everyone would think I was the Pretty one!!!

Our very close friends and family all came over to celebrate.

Crystal & her family

Charlie & Jill

My sister & Brother In Law with their little angel

Ok moving on the next morning we all slept in because we stayed up way to late CELEBRATING not just all that.....DID you SEE the NASCAR race???? Go TONY Go!! Thought that was the BEST way to end a great day!!!!

Yes, if you don't know I am a Tony Stewart Fan!!! And NOT a Kyle Busch Fan!!!

Here is a Picture of ALL the kids in my lap the next morning.....don't know why they just started to pile up there!! I LOVE IT!!!
But mostly more than anything at all. I was looking back through my camera pictures at the end of the weekend. This one REALLY stood out to me. Just 6 years ago on the 3rd of July we had a miscarriage- and on this same couch in the same room. There is a picture someone took of me on July 3rd. I had swollen eyes from crying so much and Blake had a dry and empty smile on his face. As I looked at this picture, God reminded me of how much he has FILLED up my CUP!!! It is overflowing with blessings!! For those of you who think you have NO HOPE for children- I know there is plenty of HOPE from up above. After trying for years then getting pregnant and then to loose a baby. But in the end- It is all in GOD's Timing!!! He is always on Time.

Stay tuned the rest of this month for BLAST from the PAST pictures from that blessed day back in 1999. Oh the pictures are priceless!!!

Notice the missing icing??? Watch for a play-by play tomorrow's post!



Whitney said...

Can't wait to see those bridesmaid dresses!

Jackie @ Our Moments Our Memories said...

That version of Pledge of Allegiance is the FUNNIEST thing I've heard in a long time. :)