Wednesday, July 15, 2009


I gave T a good summer haircut while we were in OK this weekend. I have not had the time to do it before then. So, like many times haircuts are the best.

I had been thinking he would look good with it shorter. Then I started to buzzzz away the hair- it was MUCH shorter than I thought. Oh well, he is a boy.. who it is hair it grows back- that is how I made money for 10 years before babies!!

He likes it because "I look just like my best friend-- Daddy!!" And of course B loves to hear that. When I took him to school Tuesday morning his teacher just went crazy over it and said he was so handsome....then it started to swell up!!! I do think it makes him look A LOT OLDER!!! He looks like he is 6 or 7 now. Won't be long and he will be.

When he took a bath the night I cut it he got out and said " Hey it is still like daddy's, when I wake up will it be like his too??" I laughed and said "yes, it will be like that for awhile" He replied with a HUGE grin on his face " Good I like to look like my daddy!"

If you say I like your hair he tilts his head you can't see he is 7 foot tall or something??? Don't know where he gets the idea.

He is COOL for now, especially since it has been in the 100 degree temps here. I think we will let it grow out and do it again next summer- he has TONS of hair and it grows SUPER FAST!!


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