Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Bathroom Remodel

Ok here is Project # 1 from the Summer.
Bathroom Remodel- mostly cosmetic.

We painted and changed a few lights out. I had my "man friend" came to help out. I am a terrible painter. I know why painters get paid good money- My arms cannot handle the constant motion.
Well, here are the before & After what do ya think??
AFTERThe new color was butter cream from wal-mart. Just painted a fresh coat of white on all borders and vanity. Changed the mirror- that was $24 from Wally world. Also replaced all towel hangy du bobbers with "brushed nickel" instead of chipped white.
I think it would look much better minus the kandoos on the back of the toliet & step stools and kid blue soap- BUT HEY we LIVE HERE!!!
Atleast I have hidden the potty seat behind the door now!! hehe

AFTER I do have a million pictures of the MOST photogenic kids in the world. I think some of the cutest too!!! I have re-framed them and put them up all over the place.

Anyone who comes to my house knows what my kids look like!!!

I think the babies in a tube picture are totally appropriate for bathrooms. I also LOVE the pictures of the boys in the Black & White frame together- They were both 8 weeks old and I tried to get the same pose. It was so close it was freakin' out the photographer!!

I added the lamp from our bedroom- for FREE- well I paid for it a long time ago!

We also took down the Lighthouse wall paper. IF was curling up on us. Each room in our house when we bought it had border paper at the top or ONE wall in each room papered!!
Happy to say now we are recycling and saving the eye site of healthy people by removing out paper!! Especially the Hunter Green & Maroon Plaid!!! Can I get a "EEEWWWWW"
Seriously- I really wanted to tile the floor. Just need to save up some more & have him come do a few jobs at one time instead a few little piddly ones.
Tomorrow I will have more finished projects and remodeling!!
Give me your feed back- any idea to change or place things??


DIY Bathroom Remodel said...

You have shown us all that a bathroom reomdel does not have to be an extensive full make-over project!

It looks great!

kwallocha said...

Love the changes!

Jeff9 said...
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Mandy said...

Looks good! I hate wallpaper! Such a pain!