Saturday, January 30, 2010

Back In the Saddle again....Bare Back

Well, I am doing it- if it gets the best of me!! I am putting the pedal to the FLOOR this time. I kinda started to toilet train C- a few months ago.....with no success. I didn't go FULL SPEED like I did with T, so I am going to do the same method I did with T. I read this book. And it worked like a charm!!

I was 8-9 months pregnant with C.....sitting in the bathroom floor reading books until the beloved tinkle noise could be heard in the toilet!! Then we would do our happy dance, call daddy and get our M & M's!!

My mom & B have BOTH told me....that is not how they remember it......I called both of them crying and saying this was the hardest thing I have ever done!!! That was before I found those plastic underwear from Target!!

My method is REWARD for staying DRY MORE.....than GOING to the BATHROOM!!! It really works!! And quick too- 4 days for T.

Now, C is my leader ( I like to say instead of Strong-willed) Child!! So, I pray he will let me lead and he will follow the teachings that we talk to him about!!

So, say a prayer for us this week!! We will MISS all those at story-time this week.....Thanks for the support!! We will be back in a week, in underwears!! All these pictures were taken last year some time....just thought they went with the story!!

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Kecia said...

I did pray for you...2 things I hate teaching are pottying and tying shoes. But the end results are worth it!
No pun intended. :)