Sunday, January 10, 2010

Ten things on the Tenth

Hi I am Maizie the NEW Puppy in the house- My mom is busy with the boys thought I would do my mom's ten list this month!!

10. I am the only dog in the house.... I am ROTTEN already!!

9. I have 2 BIG brothers!! Gotta watch the short one though.... he tried to knock me off with a potato masher last week. The BIG one- he just loves it when I grab his pants leg!!

8. I LOVE MY DADDY.... I am his little girl!!!

7. Mama feeds me 4 times a day- so I REALLY love her!!!
There are no pictures of me & mama.... she is the one who takes them all!!!
6. I get to stay inside ALL DAY- because it is cold!!
In fact I don't even like to use the bathroom on the frozen ground.... so I will just go on the sidewalk- It makes my feet feel cold!!! BRRRRR!!! They keep talking about when it is warmer... backyard kennel.... not for sure what they are talking about??

5. I tricked my mom into holding an umbrella over me one night when I went to use the grassroom.... she was afraid I was gonna use the carpet so, she thought since I wouldn't stand in the rain she would stand over me with an umbrella while she got rained on!!

4. Love all my new toys especially the Gator they drive around the yard!!

3. Don't like that they put up this baby gate when they eat meals at that big table...

2. Do like that the little kid drops every other bite and when they take the gate down... it is MINE!!

1. Really Glad Poppie & Grana LOANED me to my new Family, who needed a GIRL!!!
miss you Poppie!!



Kecia said...

I'm not sure it's the cold... we got our puppy last October, and she kept pooping on the patio. Drove me crazy! I think they just don't like the way the grass feels at first or something. I don't know--

O Mom said...

So cute! And I could just eat that puppy up.

Becca~TimeWellSpent said...

what a little cutie! you can tell your boys are in love with her!

Anonymous said...

So cute!!

mer@lifeat7000feet said...

Oh my...I might want a puppy now. (Except not really. I just like the *idea* of a snugglie puppy).

Hey, I got your FB questions for me. I'll answer them soon, but for now, ease up on yourself. My kids are MUCH older than yours and they help me a lot and don't make constant messes and are gone for 6 hours each day. It makes a huge difference, Mollie. HUGE. They'll grow up fast and your house will stay clean and you'll have time to get things done but you can't get the present back, so just enjoy.