Friday, January 15, 2010

Funny Friday

This week on Facebook it is WAYBACK week... so they want you to put a picture from way back when..... what was BIG!!! Glasses were BIGGER and teeth were crooked......

SO I DID....

And can you believe that all people who have known me for the past 10 years or LESS.... could not believe it was me!!!

I get that all the time- because those who knew me in 1993 when this picture was taken..... can't believe I look the way I look now!!!

One friend even mentioned I get the award for MOST changed.... and others STILL don't believe it is me!!!

All I have to say is WAY BACK when this was taken I was also a different person than I am now- I was hidden behind my glasses, and until a life changing experience- I did I not know really who I was.
After you have been down a road you never want to go back to- do you realize how strong you are and how much you can handle.
Luckily I have been so blessed to have found someone to grow old with and since the day we met 14 years ago..... I do believe those around you will bring out your inter beauty!!
And the happier that you are the more beautiful you look to others- I must have been really unhappy in this picture.
Beauty is only skin deep....

1 comment:

Kecia said...

You are beautiful, and God is good.
I'm glad to know you. :)
And I love your new kitchen!