Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Chore time

Yesterday, I shared about our new chore chart & New Rules. Just to let you know we are still on a Roll!!

My guilt comes when I spend more time cleaning and doing chores- rather than spending precious time with my children...instead they are being Hooked on TV!!!

I have decided after much prayer and thinking about it- not to mention I bought about 10 books on Amazon a few weeks ago.....all about having a clean/ organized house & teaching kids to!! Plus, it is a way we can still be together and they can learn to help out- and be rewarded!!

If they can help, then they will learn to keep things clean too!! It started with their nasty bathroom.....boys have the worst habits....toliets....Ugh!!! Then all the toothpaste in the sink..... Ugh..Ugh!!!!

I told them at 9 am...."okay we are turning to TV off and we are going to do chores...who wants to help??" I stood there with WIPES in my hands.....they love using my WIPES!!!!

They help with the table many times after meals- to wipe down the table. I LOVE these particular wipes because the are Natural and SAFE for children- Non-toxic!! I am all about that. I keep them stocked up- because I only order once a month.

I gave them each a wipe and they went to town, they were wiping everything they could- I had to stop T from cleaning the light bulb on the lamp.

I was cracking up when I looked over and saw T wiping every little wire on the basket!! Don't know where he has EVER seen that before??
And good Ole' C he was just so excited about getting to Play in the sink and NOT get in trouble!! He stayed at the sink & pour water in a cup and out for about 30 minutes!! Then he moved to the shower....I have no clue what he was doing in there- but he had a wipe!!

I know he was probably thinking.......This is a dream come true......water, me & the sink I use to get in trouble for sitting in!!

I feel like we are well on our way to starting off our new little chores and system work- I will share next week more.... I know you can't wait.....That is if you are OCD like me!!!

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Kecia said...

That is awesome! Rebecca still ASKS to help...but the other 2 don't. :) That's okay, they still do it, and it seriously helps. A definite benefit of homeschooling!