Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Rules & Chores.....walking a fine line!!

This week we started a few new things. Our chore chart I bought at Christmas time, and I made my little homemade rules chart!! Don't laugh if I misspelled words- or my awful handwriting, they can't read anyway...it was better than my drawings!!!

I also made these little cards....they are too dumb looking to put on as a picture!! I can remember my Kindergarten teacher having them. It is a smiling face....a straight face.....a frown face.... and a crying face!! Each time we would misbehave, she would cut off a face- then if you were left with a crying face you were in BIG TROUBLE!!!

It made a BIG impact on me. I can remember getting a crying face one day....probably for too much talking?? Ha ha!! It made that much of an impression on me- that is all it took!!!

So, I made some 3x5 index cards of the same. Each time the boys get in trouble I would cut off a face. T cried the first time I had to cut hissmiling face off.... He pushed his brother off the bed!! Needless to say I also punished him more than that too!!

It has just come to the point in our house-I can almost NOT take them in public anymore!!! I can remember when I just had T everyone would say- "wow he is so good!!" I don't know where I lost control.....I can guess but I won't BLAME!!! Now when I go out in public they say "WOW YOU HAVE YOUR HANDSFULL!!!!"

But there comes a point when you are trying to get something done and you look over and your kids are having a wrestling match or running crazy in a store- YOU MUST PUT YOUR FOOT DOWN and SHOW THEM WHO IS BOSS!!!!

THIS IS MAMA'S HOUSE!!!! I have got on my soap box this week and decided if I don't do it now- I will be wishing I had when I am posting bail one of these days!!! No, I would not wish that on anyone- especially my own...just using it as an exaggeration.

We have also started this lovely chore chart. So far so good- the Cowboy like to put his own smiling faces on.....I think I need to move it to where he can reach it better- It is here so it is OUT of reach of others!! HA!!I found this at a local store on sale 20% off....so I thought I would pick it up and it would be just what are family needed for our new year- new start!! It is a Melissa & Doug, you would find if you toured my house....I LOVE Melissa & Doug Products!!! Puzzles, toys, you name it- we LOVE IT!!

The chart has so many behavior & chores ideas to choose from, I let T pick his own on Sunday nights then he gets to put his smiling face on his completed chore- at the end of the day- WE CELEBRATE....with a quarter for a completed line of Smiles :) Did I mention it is magnetic!!

The first chore for the day was folding clothes, I dumped their clothes on T's bed and said "let's play a game- let's put all C's clothes on one side of the bed, then all of your clothes on the other side!" First off....every kid likes a GAME!!! Secondly, I told him I it was a RACE....he has enough of his father in him to be COMPLETELY COMPETITIVE!!! No room for losers in this house!!!

Once we finished that race, we continued to the next one- sorting, underwear, PJ's, jeans, shirts, etc. Then lastly I let him hang up his own clothes as I hung us C's clothes, he wanted to hang them up in his own closet....that is where the OCD in me has to step aside....and say "yes, yes you may...!!!!" Gulp!!

Knowing they would not be in the right place.....long sleeve, short sleeve, church shirts, sweaters, hunting clothes, and jeans. That is how I have all the clothes in their closets. He could only reach the bottom shelf with extra hangers...whew, so I got to put them up in the proper Home- later when he was pre-occupied!!

I don't ever want him to see me correct or finish his work, I NEVER change his bed once he makes it....he will never think that it measures up good enough for me. So I leave it and move on- When it comes to clothes, I know exactly what is clean, dirty & missing in everyones closet- due to my system!! Don't hate me because I am crazy!!!

Here is the future husband of some beautiful young lady....who will thank me one day!!!Hanging up his OWN SHIRT!!! So PROUD!!!And all the other shirts he hung up, half were backwards, and falling off- But it was great and he felt so good for helping me!! We can work on details as the years go by!!

Who can resist this Cute little Cowboydee!!!Meanwhile Back at the Ranch....this floppy hat is a fireman costume.....needs starch on the hat I think!!! Oh My, I just added organize books on T's shelf for tomorrow after seeing this picture!!! Think I have over looked that lately!! Ya Think??

Ok, so now you see what tweaking we have done- hopefully this new start will continue to stay in our home, at least until good habits are learned and patterns are set!!

How do you teach your kiddo's to help around the house??



Jennifer Green said...

This post definitely hit home for me! We are deep in the midst of the terrible two's and are in constant "training" mode. I read in a magazine awhile back an interview with the mother of the Jonas Brothers and when asked about discipline she said "they will be adults longer than they will be children and you want them to be decent adults" so that's what I try to remember when I feel like I've done nothing but spank Owen all day!

Mandy said...

Kylie has chores at our house! I love the chore chart where did you find it. We missed ya'll today!

Kim said...

Cameron has that same shirt that Troy is holding up on the hanger (red with blue sleeves)!