Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Look Out World... Here he comes!!

Here he is 4 years old and FINALLY can pedal a tricycle!!! WHOO HOO!!! You can tell by my excitement on the video. Sorry for the quality, had to use what I had at the time.


We have told him to pedal ever since his feet could reach the pedals. He has had this tricycle since he was 3 months old.... Family tradition to get a tricycle for your first Christmas!!

Anyway, yesterday the weather was so nice and we played out doors for an hour that morning and this was after nap for about and hour. I instructed him to push up on one and down on the other. I honestly, think when I am trying to explain or teach something to others- I loose them, unless I SHOW them how it is done. It is the hands on practical learner in me!!

So, I pushed his leg down and told him to lift the other, and pushed and pushed all the way around the driveway- Until my back was burning!! And he said, " I will just push with my feet- like this." And he just shoved off the ground. Then I told him if he EVER could pedal a tricycle and learn on that- he could get a BIG BIKE... thinking, birthday in August??

Well, he proved me wrong- started pedalling like Lance Armstrong!! I grabbed my phone out of my pocket to film, because Daddy was not home- so we could share the excitement with him!!

At the end of the video he is jumping off and saying " I want to see it!!" Almost as if he could not believe it himself!!

You might be thinking... isn't he 4- and JUST NOW riding and pedaling a tricycle. Yes, that is right- we have worked on our motor skills for some time and are continuing. Due to the fact that he is 4 and 50lbs. size 6-7 boys and 13 shoes.... we seem to struggle some times with the small things. Bless his heart you can tell by the knees almost touching the handle bars too- he won't be on this long!!

On that note- he also cut using scissors a whole piece of paper... I drew a line and he cut the straight line I drew!! That was also yesterday!! Fine Motor skills are coming along- Jenny would be proud!!

When the day ended and I had time with God, I thanked him. I have been able to see both of my boys milestones.... and seems like it has been awhile, but to me pedalling a tricycle is just as BIG as taking that first crawl or step!! Seem like the little accomplishments in life are our BIGGEST JOY and as a parent most rewarding!!

He was so proud of himself, I truly believe this will give him the confidence he needs to keep on trucking on the tricycle and make it to a BIG BIKE by August!!



Anonymous said...

Way to go T!!!! Gives me hope for my 2 year old. He has so many battery powered and gas powered toys I wasn't sure if he'd ever like to pedal. We'll just have to work hard......Tiffany

Lori said...

I read somewhere that children that are tall have a harder time with some motor skills. It has to do with their balance. He is so precious and I know that you are enjoying both your boys. Thanks for sharing with us.