Thursday, January 28, 2010

Good Job & Goodbye!!

This picture was taken a LONG time ago....maybe a year or so?? But I ran across it this week while I was looking for other pictures of food for my new Recipe Blog!!

This was the morning T made his BED ALL ON HIS OWN!! Do you see the pride in those little Rosie cheeks!!

We have been making his bed together since he was 2 when he got his bigger bed. Since this picture which like I said was about a year ago.....He can make it on it's own. I did mention this week- how I have to over look all the lumps & bumps and pillows not in the right place...not to mention the sheet falling to the floor out from under the comforter!!

That would totally break his spirit of JOY- so I choose to over look it, and know that with time it will get better!! He was teaching C this week how to help him.... yeah, I can see where that is going!! I was the younger child. My sister use to TIME me to see how fast I could fetch her things or do her chores!!

If you do notice the Giant LUMPS on the sides.... that is a pillow on each side of his bed. My friend Mrs. Vonda, told me that trick she used it for her grand kids. He kept rolling off the bed...along with the pillows I stacked beside him. She told me to tuck them UNDER the fitted sheet!! Well, isn't that smart....helps to know smart people with good advice!!
Then there is this....dum...dum....dum....!!!!! We are parting with the CRIB this weekend!! Well, I have had the kit out and ready to do it for weeks now- just waiting on my handy man to show up. B has been working a lot these last few weeks he is taking off Friday hopefully, to spend family time together!!
I have taken all the bumper pads out & the skirt of the bottom and it already looks different- so we will see?? He has jumped out- a few times, and gotten in trouble for it. He stays in for now- But I can only imagine??

I can remember T the first night in his BIG BED.... I told him he would get a spanking if he got out of his bed- and he could not get out of bed until morning time when Jo Jo's circus & the Wiggles come on!! We turned up the monitor that night and listened to him... he quietly whispered "mama..mama..." and then he was asleep!!

He also didn't GET OUT of his BED until he was 3 1/2.....He would call out to me after a long nights sleep or nap time...."MAMA..MAMA...I AM UP!!!" I would go into his room and snuggle with him and hold him. When you tell him something- he takes it for the gospel!! It got to the point I was afraid it would wake up C....and he didn't even start to sleep through the night until about that time!!

T has been a good sleeper 14 hours a night at the age of 8 weeks!! C on the other hand....he is a GREAT sleeper now- you just need to be careful not to walk to quickly, he is a very light sleeper!!

I pray he will stay in his bed so we don't have to remove all the toys...etc...from there!! I am going to use the same method for him....even though they are different kids- I don't know what else to do??

Any suggestions??

Sweet Dreams....


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