Sunday, January 3, 2010

New Year....New Look...

Well, I tried something a little different with the blog- added some pictures and changed my background what do you think?? Give me feedback- I know those of you who have dial-up or slow Internet access may have problems uploading it, sorry if it is too much tell me??

So far this year it has been a rough go!! This was the 3rd January 1st in a Row that I have had a sick baby!! C had stomach issues, so he sat in my lap for 2 days straight!! I kinda liked it, although didn't like the fact that he was sick. He just doesn't slow down enough to cuddle unless he is sick!!

Me on the other hand I must have loved on him & cuddled a little too close. I have been in the bed all but 45 mins. today!! VERY RARE!!! I honestly am so glad B is home, I hate the fact he is leaving tomorrow to go back to work. I am sure I can manage- we are just gonna wear some Disney videos out around her FAST!!!

The Laundry is a mile high, the dishes are too- but as long as we get better.... that will all wait on me!!

I do like to start the year off in a good frame of mind- hard to when you are sick?? I have set a fee goals for the New Year of 2010. Let me share... Not in any particular order.

Diet.... what would a new year list of goals be like with out a "going to start that diet Monday" !!
I would like to eat better, and EXERCISES!! I lost 22lbs. before the rolling holiday season.... hate to say it didn't stay at 22lbs. I do however have some new exercises machines, from Katja & Jill my friends- FOR FREE!!! Thanks you ladies, just need to fight the spiders off with a stick before I start using them!! I have already started eating better about a year ago, I ran across this book- and then I went to these meetings!! They BOTH are wonderful!!!

Family.... I would love to say I am the perfect mother & wife.... but ask my family...they can tell you the truth!! I would like to spend LESS time on the little things of life and put MORE into the people who make each day count. I think watching this movie changed my life. And B & I have gone on more "date nights" since. It is amazing how much we have to reconnect and talk about when kids are not around!! I also would like to work in Patience & gentleness with my kids- I feel like I don't do as well towards the end of the day- but with two toddlers.... I am trying my hardest. The days that are hardest is when B doesn't come home two nights in a row- By the second night I am about ready to blow my fuse. So I know that Children Learn what the Live.... therefore a mother who screams- is not pleasing to anyone!! A soft answer turns away wrath is my goal!!

Finances..... We have recently completed the Dave Ramsey Financial Peace University. It is WONDERFUL!!! I am so grateful for my friend Angel & her testimony how they were DEBT free in about two years!! Honestly, when we got married ten years ago- I really wish we would have gone through it then. The most that I learned from this series is live off Cash & you will in return NOT spend as much. And also, he teaches GREAT Bargain hunting tips and saving for kids college, I could go on and on!! It is wonderful- we are going to put into effect 100% this year!! This was our first year to pay CASH for everything at Christmas.... NOT BAD AT ALL!!! We have in fact paid cash for everything since November 1st. I can say that my walk is a little squeaker too!!

Relationships..... I feel like I have not been the BEST friend, daughter, daughter in law, or sister since I have had kids- didn't realize until recently!! I need to work on faithfulness better and take time to show appreciation for those who love me the most!!

God..... and last but certainly not LEAST... I need to continue to put GOD first in everything I do. I have always tried to do some kinda of Bible study or reading in the morning, I just feel like I need to do MORE studying GOD's Word and reading the bible. This year I heard a friend say that even if she doesn't get a chance to read anything, she picks up her Bible and reads a Proverbs Chapter a day.... there are 31 chapters and most months have 31 days or less. I have tried this lately, and I LOVE the proverbs anyway. But, I would like to read more into the BOOK. Keep in mind.... I DISLIKE to read SO MUCH!!!! It takes all I can to read a BOOK- I am better at magazines and children's book!!! Pictures are good!!! I can honestly say that I have learned MORE from reading the Bible to my kids each night since they were born than reading it my whole. Probably because of the pictures... hahaha I know that is sad. I do in fact know I learn MORE from a group study than anything at all- I am going to try to start going to a MOPS program this year. That may help to relate with all these goals.

Travel.... I am also praying about going on a missions trip to PERU.... for 10 days being away from my family to minister the word of God to hurting people. I pray that your prayers will be with me when I travel & as I prepare for this trip this summer!!

Few changes this year- T is at home with me until the fall.... he is doing great in school- but he only has one more year until he starts kindergarten all day.... so, better keep him with me while I can. C & I really missed him this year when he started going 3 days instead of 2, plus it will help with the finance goal- saving over $200 a month!! Not to mention the Gas... driving to town and back each day!!

I would like to thank you all for reading my blog- I absolutely LOVE writing it, and I am amazed that people like to read about or everyday crazy life!! I know I am NOT the best speller or writer and most all post have some grammatical errors..... but that is me- I can tell a story good- just not spell that great!!

Do you have any Goals for 2010?? What are they??



Stacy said...

love the new look!... u've inspired me to change mine up now too!!! soon

Kecia said...

Looks good! And I have a VERY slow computer, and it loaded just fine. Today, anyway! :)